The Top Accessories to Rock This Holiday Season, Ranked

The holiday season is special for its ability to turn normally overdone and extra fashion choices into everyday style. I've loved to watch (and re-watch) the holiday episodes of notoriously sartorial-centric shows, like Gossip Girl and The Bold Type, to take style cues and incorporate them into my own holiday wardrobe.

If you're a college student in the midst of finals like me, fear not, I've done all the hard work and research into this season's must-haves so you don't have to procrastinate and do it yourself. Put a little more holiday cheer into your outfit by incorporating some essential winter accessories. Don’t be afraid to go a little over the top — it's the season of opulence and freezing weather after all.

1. Earmuffs

I mentioned earmuffs in my last article and I’m planning on including them in future articles about winter fashion because they are THE BEST and I am obviously in love with them. They are the easiest way to add a little holiday cheer to any outfit. Plus, they keep your ears cozy and warm without messing up your hair like a beanie or hat would! Honestly, I just love them because they’re outrageously extra. 



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2. Capes

Capes nearly tied for first because I promise you they are life-changing. I found one at my local thrift store with the original tags still on it and when I wore it for the first time I realized that capes are just a sneaky way of making cozy blankets wearable, business-appropriate fashion. I’m also very picky about small things and I love that you don’t have bulky sleeves getting in the way.



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3. Sherpa fleece

This is arguably the most noticeable trend of the season because the fabric itself is just SO damn cozy. Trends specifically for a fabric/texture don’t come around too often, but when they do, it makes it incredibly easy to convert into an accessory. You can wear this any way you want to whether it be a jacket, scarf, glove, beanie, or socks. It’ll keep you warm even if you’re outside caroling or inside with family and friends. We stan cozy fabrics as high fashion.



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4. Faux fur lined boots

Finding a warm pair of boots is an absolute must as the freezing cold weather around the holidays starts to creep in. There tends to be more activities to do outside around the holiday season than other winter months (ice skating, caroling, checking out Christmas lights, etc.) and finding a pair of faux fur lined boots has kept my toes warm while preventing me from slipping on the ice and falling on my butt. Consider them protection from becoming the next Grinch.



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5. Holiday-inspired brooch

I love brooches because they serve absolutely no other purpose than to look gaudy and expensive. They're basically an ornament that you hang on yourself! There are a wealth of shops on online stores such as Etsy and Depop that have a huge variety to choose from, but they're also relatively easy to find around town as well. Just check your local thrift shop or donation center. Even better, you can wear it with anything, just pin it on your sweater, scarf, dress, or jacket and you're one step closer to becoming a Christmas tree. 



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6. Velvet gloves

Every winter I somehow manage to gloss over the fact that I don't own a pair of gloves even though it's freezing and snowy outside and end up shoving my hands in my pockets for a feeble attempt of warmth the entire winter. But not this year. Beyond just keeping your hands warm, gloves can add a fair amount of detail to the rest of your outfit. Velvet tends to make its way around the fashion circuit around the holidays and this year is no different. Limiting the extent of the velvet in your outfit to solely the gloves contributes to an interesting mix of textures and lends a hint of classic elegance. 



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This time of year can be especially stressful between family interactions and end of the semester exam stress, so this one is for all of you that use online shopping as a form of stress relief. Make sure you get those earmuffs! From my closet to yours, have a happy, safe, and warm holiday season.