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#TightsAsTops Is Now a Thing & We’re Not Sure How We Feel About It

Apparently girls are now turning their old tights and leggings into shirts. Yes, you read that right. According to Refinery29, style blogger Ivania Carpio attempted the look with a brown pair of tights and a fishnet pair. Carpio is attempting to start a trend with the hashtag #tightsastops, which has yet to take off on Instagram.

According to various YouTube tutorials, dancers have been reusing their old tights in this creative style for a while. Could it be because this questionable trend actually fits in with this season’s newest style? R29 cites several instances of netted and sheer shirts in this year’s fall catalogs, proving that maybe this trend isn’t all that crazy. 

In our opinion, this might serve better as a Halloween costume than an everyday outfit. That said, we can agree that it is always better to reuse or recycle old clothes, rather than throwing them out, but should tights really be included in that? They’re tights, they’ve been *tightly* holding togther your business during those late nights at the club and completing cute dress outfits. Maybe some old things should just be let go.

What do you think collegiettes—will this trend catch on?

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