These Jewelry Sites Keep Popping Up On My Insta Feed & I Can't Stop Adding to Cart

This dainty, layered jewelry trend is probably my favorite thing happening in style right now, and thankfully, it's not going anywhere. If you haven’t already embraced it, you totally should try.

Probably my fave resource to find new dainty jewelry brands is Instagram — my bookmarked list of jewelry brands is admittedly pretty big, but I'm a huge dainty jewelry fan, what can I say. Here's my curated list of jewelry sites that I'm currently obsessed with.

Stone and Strand



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Stone and Strand’s website is actually jewelry heaven. They have the staples like basic gold stacking rings, but also elaborate bedazzled earrings dripping in crystals. I check their site once a day to fawn over the pretty gems and rings that I want, but know I will never have (this is because their jewelry is not cheap). My one piece of advice is don’t fall too in love with the site because it will break the bank, but feel free to ooh and awe over the majestic IG ads. Or feel free to ignore my advice and go ham and live out your jewelry aesthetic dreams! If you take the latter approach, take advantage of their sale happening RN.    




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Mejuri is my go-to website for affordable, real jewelry. I am a gold girl, and Mejuri really only sells 14k gold or gold-plated jewelry, so it works great for me. But if you are looking for rose gold, you are out of luck. Mejuri keeps their products simple and elegant. Most of their necklaces feature a delicate gold chain with one pendant or diamond. Some of my favorites are the bold chain ring, the lariat slide necklace and the colored mini-hoop. Their new pearl and shell line is also so cute, and seriously trending




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Catbird is a fun and funky jewelry site based out of NYC. Their jewelry ranges from $20 chokers to $3,000 necklaces. Their materials are super experimental and playful mixing string with pearls with immaculate crystals. It is evident that Catbird’s marketing team has fun with their products, because the names of the jewelry are so fun and well thought out; for example the itty bitty kitty stud and the sweet nothing bracelet. You are definitely getting the widest of breadths on Catbird and there is something for everyone. 




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Soko is really cool because they put an emphasis on ethical and sustainable jewelry making. The materials they use are all organic, locally sourced and reclaimed. Their pieces are so beautifully and carefully designed that you wouldn’t even know these materials are reused. Soko is thinking outside the traditional vein of jewelry and introducing wood earrings and horn bangles to bring a new and natural element to jewelry. Also an exciting side note, Soko and Reformation recently collaborated on Soko's new drop! Shop Soko now and be the first debut these soon to be trending pieces.  

Frasier Sterling 



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Frasier Sterling is like if jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer had a less boujee baby. This site has more affordable versions of all the trending designer jewelry that exists out in the world, but is also still unique. Frasier Sterling brings their own girly element to their jewelry with butterfly earrings and heart necklaces. This site is a jackpot, and although I’ve never shopped it before, I can pretty confidently guarantee it will not disappoint (my coworker swears by it)! 

If you’re not actually in the market for new jewelry but love to look (just like me) follow these sites and get ready to feel the bling on your Instagram feed. Don't forget to tag @hercampusstyle with your favorite dainty accessories and your favorite jewelry sites to shop. 

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