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These Are The Under $30 Hair Tools I Use To Straighten My Super Curly, Natural Hair

So, let’s get one thing out of the way up front, here. When I say I have curly hair, I don’t mean I-have-a-little-bit-of-wave-when-my-hair-is-wet. I mean my hair is CURLY, as in thick, tight curls that like to twist and tangle in on each other. I’ve pretty much always had a ton of hair, and even though I cut it last year from basically reaching my butt to more of a chin length lob-type situation, it still just ends up being a lot of hair. 


And don’t get me wrong: I love my curly hair. It’s something that I’ve definitely grown to appreciate as I’ve gotten older, especially with the ~rise~ of the natural hair movement. But sometimes I want to switch things up, and since I’m not really a makeup person and I tend to wear basically the same rotation of outfits, my hair is my go-to when I want a new look.

But it hasn’t always been easy. Straightening my hair is a process, from washing and de-tangling to blow drying and straightening. So I always have an eye out for products that can make this just a *little* bit easier. I’ve already discovered the literal magic that is a blow dryer with a comb attachment, and have been using the same one for longer than I care to admit. But finding a straightener that can deal with the thick, curly mass that is my hair can be super, super difficult.


Enter the KISS Gold Edition.


My hair has broken combs. My hair has broken brushes (trust me, pulling those little teeth out of your hair? Not fun. Not at all). But this line of KISS hair products is absurdly good to my hair, from the Bristle Straightener to the Comb Straightener. Once I’ve blow dried, I start sectioning my hair into half inch sections. Lots of bobby pins are shoved into my head, and I grab a few larger clips to keep the larger sections in place. Then, I grab the Bristle Straightener. What I really like about this is that it doesn’t burn the crap out of my scalp. The bristles detangle as they straighten, leaving a teeeeny bit of room so my scalp can BREATHE and survive the 400 degrees I probably shouldn’t put on my head but do anyway because, well, ~new look~, right?


That’s where the Comb Straightener combs in. Because it’s shaped like a comb (duh) instead of having the larger brush head, it’s perfect for really getting to the roots. It’s like the hot comb my grandmother used on my head when I was a kid – without the agony and the general terror of putting a metal comb that was on the stove just seconds ago near my scalp. It’s super gentle heat makes it easy for use around my hairline (gotta keep those baby hairs) and then, somehow, 30 minutes later, my entire head is straightened and I can go back to living my life.


Oh, and the best part? THEY’RE SO CHEAP, YOU GUYS. I remember being in high school and lusting after shiny, $200+ straighteners, and while they have their time and place, I’ve never been able to convince myself to pay that much for my hair. But at under $30, these are so affordable that I don’t feel guilty recommending them.

Also, shout out to their nonsense genius Ionic Smoothing Brush, which somehow magically (hey, I’m not a scientist) smooths hair so your day-three and four hair looks just as damn good as your day-one hair. 

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Rachel is the Senior Editor at Her Campus. She graduated from Elon University in 2015 where she wrote for Her Campus's Elon chapter as well as the national LGBTQ+ section, and has since held editorial positions at Hello Giggles and Brit + Co along with running social media for several publishers. Her work has been published in Teen Vogue, Glamour, StyleCaster, and SELF, and she can be found in North Carolina smearing face masks on in the name of content. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @RachelCharleneL.