These Are The Pieces We're Dying to Buy from Beyoncé's New Holiday Merch Collection

It's only a month before Christmas, but the Beyhive has their wishlists ready after Queen B released her new Holidayoncé collection Beyoncé dropped her holiday collection on November 19th on her online store, featuring hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, ornaments, totes, scarves, joggers, crops and even wrapping paper. Prices range from $10 to $105, not including apparel bundles that go for $125.

In case you were wondering, we've picked out some of our favorite pieces from the collection that we're dying to grab before the holidays. Here's what we had in mind:

Beyoncé Lace & Leather Crop Tee

For those shameless Beyoncé fans in your life, this black crop top screams your love for the queen loud and clear. A simple print of Beyoncé in a badass fit on an edgy crop top? What more could anyone need?

Holidayoncé Joggers

The bright neon green "HOLIDAYONCÉ" trailing across the leg on this simple black jogger really makes a statement. And of course, no jogger can look too casual when it comes from Beyoncé herself. 

Homecoming Mug Set

Fierce mugs like these might seem trivial, but TBH, I wanna feel like a boss when I'm sipping my coffee in the morning. These mugs fit the bill for sure (a practical gift too!). 

Beyoncé Noels Carter Crewneck Sweatshirt 

This red crewneck looks fabulous with a green gown wearing, glammed up Beyoncé at the center. This sweatshirt rocks holiday cheer with the red and green color combo, but still muted enough to rock throughout the entire year. 

After the success of her "Bey Mine" Valentine's Day collection early in the year, it makes sense that Beyoncé would release some cute merch for Christmas. These pieces are perfect for street wear and can easily be worn throughout the year while showing our die-hard love for Queen B.