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12 Thanksgiving 2023 Nail Ideas From TikTok For All The Leaf Lovers

The holiday season is coming full steam ahead, and making sure your manicure is fresh is a must! Over the past year, beauty lovers have seen so many new and exciting trends when it comes to nail polish — whether it be a minimalist approach or cherry mocha nails, there are plenty of nail ideas that will suit every fancy. Acrylic nails will always be a fan fave, but recent trends have found Gel X to be safer and longer lasting than the former. Thanksgiving will be here in a month, and you want to look stylish at the next Friendsgiving get-together, don’t you?! I’ve found 12 creators on TikTok who’ve got the best Thanksgiving-approved nails you’ll ever come across. 

Hopefully, your favorite nail technician isn’t completely booked yet, but if they are, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. There are so many press-on nail options available on the market that won’t leave you disappointed. These nail ideas are flawless and ideal for the fall, beyond a night in with your besties and leftover turkey and mac and cheese. Get ready to dive into those Thanksgiving plates, but not before you dive into these Thanksgiving 2023 nail ideas from some amazing creators on TikTok! 

Chocolate Nails

it was a game time decision between cherry mocha and walnut brown but I just love this color so much 🤎 #fallnailinspo #brownnails #septembernails

♬ original sound – Callahan Rahm

This nail trend will always be a fall staple! It’s chocolatey decadence at its finest, and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. To recreate it, try Essie Salon’s Vegan Nail Polish in the color No To-Do ($10). It’s a Hershey Kisses dream come true! 

Red Wine Nails

This is your sign to do red nails mext time🥀 #nailvlog #fallnails #rednails

♬ original sound – sierrafurtado

Red is a constant go-to for fall nail trends, but it’s gotten much vampier this year. Try OPI’s Nail Lacquer in the color Malaga Wine ($11) or Essie Salon’s Vegan Nail Polish in the color Berry Naughty ($10) for a bolder take on a classic nail color.

Chocolate micro French tips

This has truly been the year of French tips, and I wholeheartedly stand by it! The variations are limitless. Micro French tips are the subtlest lines you could imagine but they’re exquisite. To accomplish this look, you’ll need the skinniest nail art brush and your favorite dark brown nail polish. Don’t forget to seal the deal with a sturdy top coat! 

forest green nails

Life is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to fall nails! Chocolatey browns and fiery reds are so classic, but sometimes a pop of color is needed. ZOYA’s Nail Polish in the color Envy ($12) is the perfect dark green nail polish to give you all the fall feels!

Aura Nails

This is the vibe for fall ☔️🖤 sponges linked in my storefront under ‘nail art’<3* *affiliate using @OPI shades lincoln park after dark , you dont know jacques, polly want a lacquer _____ #fallnails #nailhacks #auranails #lincolnparkafterdark #nailtutorial #almondnails #longnails #naturalnails

♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

Aura Nails took the summer by storm, and now they’re back for the fall! Darker colors are essential to recreating this look. It’s sleek yet classy, and a completely different take on the fall nails I’m used to seeing. This idea just screams hand model, and I love it! 

Vanilla Chrome nails

Everyone ran to their nearest salons and asked for the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails. (Or was that just me?!) This summer trend is getting a revamp for the holidays, and its name is Vanilla Chrome Nails. These frosted fingernails are a buttery iridescent shade with an irresistible shimmer. To recreate this look, your technician can use The Gel Bottle’s Professional Gel Polish in the color Love Letter ($19) and any white chrome powder they may have! 

Blackout nails

Likeee black nails might be the move 🖤💅🏾 & yall know I love kiss nails downnn . This set is linked on my Amazon Storefront “press on nails & tools” list get into themmmm @kissproducts #kissnails #kisspressonnails #blacknails🖤 #naildesigns #bestpressonnails #fallnailinspo #ringstack #goldjewelry

♬ original sound – IG:@MAKAYLAXBROOKS

If you’re ready to take your nail game to the next level, you’ve come to the right place! Black nails are a bold statement, and they’re even better when they’re press-on. Try KISS Jelly Fantasy Press On Nails in the color Jelly Gelée Black ($9) for that Morticia Addams vibe! 

Chrome french tips

We may not all have Beyoncé’s vocal range, but we sure can replicate her Renaissance-inspired nails. It’s been a non-stop chrome explosion all over the globe, and it’s just in time for the fall. ZOYA’s Nail Polish in the color Trixie ($9) is the epitome of the house of chrome. 

Multi Design Nails

If you’re indecisive like me, you’ll know picking any type of nail art can be a hassle. Why not just get every design you like, but make it fall?! My screen time is up just by scrolling through Pinterest trying to find new looks to choose from. To keep within the fall mode, pick colors like burnt oranges and greens to amplify the pumpkin spice in the air! 

Tortoise Shell Nails 

This is a modern take on the iconic glasses that your third-grade teacher wore! I can’t get enough of the attention to detail and color options. Some nail technicians go deeper with more black polish, and some do it up with that chocolate brown I love so much. Whichever take you decide on, it’ll be an eye-catching masterpiece! 

Syrup Nails

☕️🤍 i cant stop staring at my hands…syrup gel from @Sweetie Nail Supply Use code mini10 for 10% off 🤎 #chromenails #fallnails #nailinspo

♬ Cornelia Street – Taylor Swift

Contrary to popular belief, your nails can most certainly be pink in the fall. Syrup nails are a blushing pink hue that’s perfect for your next family dinner or holiday party. They’re a simple option if you’re less into bold colors and more into subtle shades! 

Nude Nails

You can never go wrong with a nude nail polish. It’ll always be my go-to when I don’t know what color to pick. Where nude polish is concerned, shape is everything. Round or square, it’s totally up to you!

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