This Teen's Prom Dress Was an Ode to Iconic Black Women, & You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie

Prom fashion always seems to be variations of that one basic dress off the mannequin at your local mall, the Sherri Hill Classic, or daring DIYs. One teen from Memphis, Tennessee, took the last route and decided to make an iconic statement at her prom this year. 

Skylar Branch, a student at White Station High School, wanted to honor some of the most inspirational black women in history with her prom dress, including her relatives. The faces of women including Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou graced the gorgeous train, as well as those of other women in her family.

Her initial decision to rock a dress with such significant meaning was spurred because of Branch's late great-grandmother. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Branch told her mom: "Mom, there’s been so many extraordinary African-American women who have done so much for me. I want to show them some respect so that they know that not just the older adults but the younger adults appreciate who paved the way." Thus, the most impactful prom dress of all time was born.

With a powerful vision and talented seamstress named Shannon Pierce, Branch was able to bring her dream to life and pay tribute to some very important women in the most beautiful way possible.