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team usa gymnastics uniforms olympics 2024
team usa gymnastics uniforms olympics 2024
USA Gymnastics/John Cheng
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Team USA Gymnastics’ Olympics Fits Are Such A Slay

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games are quickly approaching, with events beginning in the last week of July. As usual, women’s gymnastics is one of the most highly anticipated Olympic events this year — and recently, fans got to start celebrating a little bit early. For the first time, the team’s leotards were revealed weeks before the events, and fans are already in awe of them.

The USA women’s gymnastics team was decided on June 30. It consists of Hezly Rivera, who will be making her Olympics debut, as well as Olympic veterans Simone Biles, Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles, and Jade Carey. The returners all received Olympic medals in Tokyo, and Simone Biles, who is known as the GOAT of women’s gymnastics, has seven Olympic medals and is returning to her third Olympic games for a chance to earn more.

On July 10, Team USA came together to make an appearance on the TODAY Show to unveil the leotards the women will be wearing in Paris. The team unboxed their leotards live on the show, 16 days before the Olympics begin, which is noteworthy itself because this was the first time  Team USA Olympics apparel has been revealed prior to the games. 

“Okay, wait, this is beautiful,” said Biles in the video as she and her team took their first look at their uniforms. The red, white, and blue leotards feature the usual Swarovski crystals, but for the first time, they also feature pearls, as a tribute to Paris, where the games are being hosted this year.

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USA Gymnastics/John Cheng

“The collection draws inspiration from classic American patriotism and old Hollywood glamor while blending sophisticated Parisian high fashion and sparkling light to pay homage to the host city,” GK Elite, the exclusive provider of Team USA’s gymnastic attire, shared in a press release about the uniforms. Although the TODAY segment only showed one of the looks, the gymnasts will have a total of eight styles of leotard to choose from while competing.

GK Elite also designed and produced the men’s Paris uniforms, according to the TODAY Show. That team consists of Brody Malone — who will be returning for his second Olympic games — as well as Asher Hong, Paul Juda, Stephen Nedoroscik, and Frederick Richard, who are all new to the games this year.

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USA Gymnastics/John Cheng

If fans are starstruck by the leotards, they can buy replicas of Team USA’s uniforms on the GK Elite website. Modeled by the members of Team USA themselves, these replicas are perfect for showing support for the USA when the Olympics begin in late July — and for dropping jaws as Halloween costumes later this year.

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