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Support and Empower Women Across the Globe with ‘The Brave Collection’ Jewelry

At Her Campus we hold in high-esteem the collegiette who keeps informed about current events. However, sometimes the news is dismal, and we know how disheartening it can be to hear of worldwide suffering but feel powerless to make a difference. In an ideal world, you would do something each day to better the lives of those suffering, right? Imagine that by getting dressed in the morning and accessorizing for your day, you could personally serve and help sustain a population of besieged women in a country across the globe. Sound too good to be true? We thought so too, but The Brave Collection, a Brooklyn based line of handcrafted jewelry, brings this notion to life.

Jessica Hendricks founded The Brave Collection during her post-grad travel to Cambodia, where she immediately became aware of the alarming day-to-day that Cambodian women endure. Human trafficking, the act of recruiting, transporting or harboring individuals for forced labor and sexual exploitation, plagues Cambodian women exhaustively, thus rendering Cambodia a hazardous and imprisoning country for women to live.

Inspired by the female survivors she met, Jessica partnered with Cambodian artisans to create a line of stunning bracelets and necklaces, hoping that her jewelry would de-stigmatize and spread awareness of this form of modern day slavery. Each unique piece is hand-carved and woven by artists who come from compromised and hostile backgrounds.

Jessica donates ten percent of proceeds to empowering Cambodian women and girls against human trafficking, so purchasing from The Brave Collection is a surefire way to contribute to concrete change. The brand’s Cambodian artisans work in supportive and creative fair-trade studios where they receive additional benefits through health insurance and stipends for their children’s education.

Support Cambodian women and victims of human trafficking by engaging with The Brave Collection’s initiative. You can help generate an open dialogue about the dangers and hardships that human trafficking bears! To help you get started, we’re giving away a 20% off discount code to all The Brave Collection jewelry at checkout with the exclusive code: HerCampus. Not only will you look great in this jewelry, but also, you’ll feel even better wearing pieces for an important cause. Who couldn’t use a little bravery? #CourageIsContagious


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