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Touch-Up Essentials That’ll Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Summer

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While the summer brings a new season of opportunities, with it comes the ever-present heat.  As the sweat starts flowing, it makes wearing makeup – and keeping it on – a tricky endeavor. And, while we’re excited about the change in season, if we’re not careful, the sun, the sweat, and the heat can wreak havoc on our carefully applied makeup.

So, for the days you aren’t near a place where you can reset your whole face, it’s a great idea to know how to touch up your makeup. Check out some of the Ulta Beauty products I’ll be carrying in my makeup bag this summer so that no drop of sweat or humidity can dampen this year’s activities! 

Makeup with SPF

You already know to wear SPF when you’re spending time outside, so this summer, make life easier by seeking out products that have daily sun protection built in. Doubling up on sunscreen and makeup products with SPF –  like foundation, concealer, and moisturizer – will protect your skin while highlighting your summer glow. 

BLK/OPL TRUE COLOR Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation SPF 15

Setting Spray

In recent years, setting sprays have increased in popularity, and for good reason. I, like many other makeup enthusiasts, understand what a good setting spray can do. 

With seemingly endless days, having a good setting spray on hand can help to lock in your makeup looks for hours. Setting sprays just so happen to have a distinctly unique formula that can instantly diminish the inevitable shine that’ll make its way through your makeup throughout the course of the day. For other oily girls like myself, try dusting some translucent powder on your face before spritzing the spray and it’ll guarantee your makeup lasts all day. Who wouldn’t want to hear that?

MORPHE Continuous Prep & Set Mist+

Oil-Blotting Sheets

There is a precarious line between glowy and oily skin, and with summer on the horizon, between sweating and the natural oils our faces produce, a matte look can disintegrate in just a few minutes outside. 

For those with an oily complexion, a slick T-zone can take matters from bad to worse. No fear! Blotting sheets are here. The inexpensive and easy-to-use compact sheets can absorb excess oil, giving your skin a more matte finish in a matter of seconds. They are small enough to fit in virtually any bag, so just when you’re starting to feel like your skin is getting to be a bit too oily, pull out one of the sheets and blot. Instantly and delicately fix your makeup, removing yourself from a sticky, or rather oily, situation.  

r.e.m. beauty Satin Sheets Blotting Papers


Like setting sprays, a simple matte-pressed powder is a perfect remedy for quick makeup touch-ups. 

Whether you’re a fan of dewy or matte makeup looks, utilizing a setting power in strategic places along your face can easily reduce the shine that erupts upon your skin’s surface. Not only can face powder help lock in our makeup as well as mattify our skin but the lightweight product also helps to create a smoother surface. Incorporate a less-is-more approach when in use, applying it on the forehead, nose, chin, and sides of the mouth. When you want to nix midday shine, that additional coverage will make sure your makeup neither smudges nor budges throughout the day. 

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Pore
Minimizing Setting Powder
Real Techniques Miracle 2-in-1
Powder Puff & Makeup Blender


Face hot and bothered?

It’s to be expected as the temperature rises as well as the humidity. Lo and behold – a cooling face mist. Not only are facial mists a potential respite for burned-out complexions, but they are also filled with a bunch of soothing, skin-friendly ingredients that help with hydration and redness control. When used correctly, a facial mist won’t even mess up your makeup, with some formulas even refreshing it! For those with dry skin, try opting for a facial mist instead of a moisturizer when wearing makeup. It can serve as a great way to add a little hydration to your face without messing up your base routine.

Ulta Beauty Collection Watermelon Facial Mist

As the poolside parties and stadium concert venues call out our names, the last thing we should be worried about is how our makeup is holding up. 

Without fail, we’re going to be outside this summer, and with the help of these products from Ulta Beauty, we can make summer makeup meltdowns a thing of the past! 

Askya is a senior journalism major with an English minor at Howard University. When she’s not writing, you can find her listening to music, following the latest pop culture trends on social media, or reading from her never-ending TBR list. Feel free to follow Askya on Instagram to join in on the fun (@askyaalways)