The Summer Accessories That Every LA Girl Is Breaking Out RN

While it feels like we’ve just chosen and organized our Spring 2019 wardrobe, summer is quickly approaching. That means a whole new wave of trendy clothes and accessories for our enjoyment. All over the runways and Instagram, we’ve seen everything from bucket style hats to vintage shell anklets. It’s definitely the LA look we’ve just can’t get enough of and think is a worthy style investment. Don’t believe us? Well, look to any influencer and you’ll see just how popular these accessories are. Here are 5 summer accessories that every LA girl is rocking.

  1. 1. Straw Boater Hats

    After designer Jacquemus giant-brimmed straw hat craze went viral this year, different versions of the style have popped up everywhere. Of course, these versions are more wearable like this straw boater hat. The lightweight woven style has a wide brim that’ll keep the sun out of your face while still looking chic. Since the summer festival season is upon us, this would be the ultimate hat. Influencer and fashion blogger Jacey Duprie has even incorporated the boater hat into her everyday style. 

    Shop now: $17.90, + $34.90, + $19.00,

  2. 2. Printed Bucket Hats 

    Since Gigi Hadid posted a pic of her leopard print bucket hat, I’ve seen so many influencers posting a bathing suit photo with this hat style. So if you love ‘90s grunge, this will be your summer 2019 accessory. 

    Shop now: $10, + $12.90, + $38,

  3. 3. Anklets 

    We are living for this throwback moment. Now that the sun is shining and our ankles are out more, it’s time to embrace this resurgence trend of ankle bracelets. There’s pretty much an anklet for everyone in the market, including a 2000s throwback with seashells and color statement pieces. If you're not entirely sold on the look, then maybe influencer Racquel Natasha can convince you. She has paired her seashell anklet with a high-waisted, two-piece bathing suit set. The anklet is definitely a fun, style throwback that you'll have to try at least once this summer.

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  4. 4. Fashionable Wicker Bags 

    You can bring this wicker bag to more than just an afternoon picnic. The wicker bag has an added level of sophistication and chicness to fashion bloggers and influencers outfits, including fashion and lifestyle blogger Argineh Danelian this season. 

    Shop now: $200, + $59, + $27.90, 

  5. 5. Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Say goodbye to tiny sunglasses because influencers everywhere are adopting retro cat-eye sunglasses in wild colors like deep cherry or light lavender. The look doesn’t have superthin frames, but instead, has a more rounded bottom and cuts at the top edges to create a triangular shape similar to the look of travel, food, and fashion blogger Meeka Insta post.

    Shop now: $9.90, + $18, + $8;

You know what they say: a great accessoryeven a bucket hatcan make any outfit. So, head into the summer with a bang and take all the Insta selfies with you wearing these top-notch accessories. Happy shopping!