The Style Buzz: Amazon's New Plan for a VR Changing Room Is Straight Out of 'Black Mirror' & More News to Know

If you ever happen to grace your Instagram or Twitter feed during the week, you'll know that the style world is constantly buzzing with something new and exciting. And TBH, it's easy to miss a story or two in the shuffle. When you're style-obsessed and can't stand to miss the latest news in fashion, we've got your back.

Introducing The Style Buzz, your go-to source for quick recaps on everything happening in the style sphere. Time to catch up on any news you might have missed during your morning Twitter scroll — here’s the latest style buzz: 

1. Zara unveils surprising new logo

In unexpected news, the fast fashion brand that we all know and deeply love, Zara, has changed their logo for the second time in the whole 45 years they have been a company. Don’t get too excited though — it’s nothing majorly drastic. The change, designed by advertising agency Baron & Baron, now includes overlapping letters that they revealed on their website and on all social platforms.

Could this mean something new coming from the brand? Maybe a new partnership, collection, or a new person coming into leadership? Or just paying homage to the fashion world and Harper’s Bazaar, since the typography artist and style are identical? Either way, we're excited to see what’s in store for the brand.

2. Amazon plans to change the digital shopping game with virtual changing rooms

It’s no surprise that Amazon is planning to revolutionize the fashion industry after already becoming the fastest growing #1 place for all your shopping needs. They’ve brought us one-click shopping, in-home delivery, and it doesn’t stop there. Their new plan is to entirely eliminate the in the store shopping experience and to instead create an augmented reality with virtual changing rooms.

The new app would be completely personalized to you as an individual, viewing and analyzing photographs and appointments in your calendar to see your job, the temperature where you live, how you spend your free time and so much more to suggest outfits that fit your lifestyle the best. But hold up, it doesn’t just stop there. In true Bumble fashion, you would be able to swipe right or left to like or dislike the outfits shown so it’s super tailored to you.

3. Paris plans to become the sustainable capital by 2024

In this age, sustainability should be on everyone’s mind. Paris is taking the initiative one step further, preparing for the A/W ‘19 runway shows by initiating “Paris Good Fashion.”

According to Vogue, Isabelle Lefort, who announced the project along with Paris officials Antoinette Guhl and  Frédéric Hocquard, said, “‘Paris Good Fashion’ is an open community regrouping fashion professionals, brands, entrepreneurs, designers and experts who will be working together to establish a roadmap of the steps that can be taken to make Paris the sustainable capital of fashion.”

The sustainability movement will be unveiled at an event in June, but for now, they have revealed it will focus on how to create a circular economy, improve sourcing and traceability, and make distribution, energy and communication more sustainable!

What do you think? Do you expect anything to come from Zara’s new logo launch, are you scared of Amazon’s new way to track what we wear, or are you waiting on America to take the step to do what Paris is doing for the environment? Tweet us your thoughts on the latest style buzz!