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Some of you might know that I am obsessed with manicures and nail polish colors.  I keep a Word document on my computer where I record each nail polish color I try, its name, what brand it is, what it looks like, and whether or not I liked it, for future reference.  I just got this new manicure – called a chrome manicure – and thought it was so cool that I had to share it.  My nails look like silver shiny mirrors!!!

I got it at Sylvestre Franc, a salon in Newton, MA where my mom gets manicures (but not this kind!).  The manicure is actually not polish- they glue the chrome nails directly onto your nails.  When the nails go on, they are super long, but I like to keep my nails really short so Kim, the manicurist who did my manicure, clipped and filed them down so they were as short as I wanted them.  The nails aren’t supposed to chip at all, so you can leave them on for a few weeks- basically until your nails have grown out enough so that they start to look too long.  Then you just soak your nails in some kind of chemical and the chrome nails come right off.

It cost $16, which is the same price as a regular manicure at this salon.  Plus they last for a few weeks!  I think they are super fun and cool-looking.  I’ve already gotten a ton of compliments on them from random people who notice them!  Definitely perfect for New Year’s.

Have you heard about any other kinds of cool new manicures recently?  Would you try a chrome manicure?  Leave a comment!

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