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Step Away From the Uggs and North Face! How to Look Cuter Than Everyone Else

When Uggs and North Face jackets became popular in the mid-2000s, most people hoped these trends would blow over by next season. Obviously, they didn’t. They became more and more present with each passing winter until they reached the proportions of a true epidemic. The Uggs/North Face combo was fun for a while, but it’s high time we move on. When I wrote that I wanted to “rid the world of Uggs” in my Her Campus bio (see the sidebar on the right), I meant it!
Please, don’t let this be you. College campuses have been full of girls wearing slight variations of this exact outfit for years. By now, this look feels stale. Her Campus collegiettes™ are style-savvy and fashion-forward. We know you can do better than this! Here are three common situations where girls resort to Uggs and North Face jackets. We’ll show you easy alternatives so you can step away from these tired trends for good.

Problem #1: You have a super cute outfit, but you dress it down with a North Face and Uggs.
I can’t count the number of times I’ll see a girl wearing a fantastic outfit – like this adorable striped dress paired with leggings – but the overall effect is ruined because she tops off the outfit with Uggs or a North Face. Imagine making a salad with organic, fresh, delicious vegetables and dumping a cup of gross salad dressing on top. The lettuce and veggies underneath are still good, but wouldn’t they taste even better with lighter dressing? The same concept applies to putting together an outfit.

Try swapping your generic Uggs for a pair of chic riding boots and trading in your North Face for a cute peacoat. These knee-high boots are lined with warm faux shearling, which is one of fall’s hottest trends. The buttons up the side of the boots add a sophisticated twist on a classic shape. Rather than blending into a sea of girls all dressed alike, you’ll subtly stand out – in a good way! Don’t let warmth deter you, either; actually, a sturdy wool peacoat like this one is likely to be even warmer than a thin fleece jacket. If that’s not enough to convince you, let the price tags do the talking: The Uggs and North Face combo comes to a hefty total of $345, while the boots and coat featured on the right amount to $255. That’s $90 less than the first combo!

Problem #2: You’re running late for a 9 AM class and need a comfortable, quick outfit.
It’s 8:55 and you need to be across campus in five minutes to get to class on time. You grab the first things you see on your floor – a tank top and a cozy pair of denim leggings – and throw them on. Sure, it’s easy to pull on a hoodie and slide into a pair of Ugg slippers, but it takes an equal amount of time to get dressed in something a little more chic. Remember, casual and comfortable does not have to mean sloppy.

With the ease and comfort of a hoodie and the appearance of a nicer top, what’s not to love about cardigans? This Fair Isle tie cardigan looks especially cozy. Just tie and go! (And while you’re at it, enjoy the waist-cinching, figure-flattering benefits your shapeless sweatshirt doesn’t offer.) Before you run out the door, pull on a pair of North Face lace-up boots. (There’s a time and a place for North Face gear. This is it!) This cute lace-up pair is waterproof and lined with faux fur. Instead of looking sloppy as you dash across campus, now you’ll look put-together. These quick alternatives don’t take any extra time at all, but they make a big impact.

Problem #3: It’s freezing! You need to wear something cozy and warm.
The base of this outfit – black skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater – are fairly warm by themselves, but you’ll need an additional layer to brave the cold. Rather than resorting to a thin fleece and Uggs, opt for something truly made for cold weather. This American Eagle quilted puffer jacket is ideal for cold weather. The faux fur hood adds a glam (yet functional!) touch. These boots are shaped like Uggs, but the faux fur lining, lace-up front, and water- and snow-proof exterior make them twice as cute. Your feet will be toasty in these! No matter how you slice it, Uggs are the footwear equivalent of pajamas. You wouldn’t wear your PJs out of your dorm, would you? (Please say no.) Why should Uggs be any different? Put them away!
Fashion-Friendly Alternatives
Instead of Uggs…
Instead of Uggs, pick a pair of stylish boots. Whether you pick a classic riding boot, a cool slouchy suede pair, or something with a little western flair, you’ll be earning major style points and showing off your own style.

For more information on where to buy each pair, click on the image. For even more options, check out HC’s 20 Favorite Boots.
Instead of a North Face jacket…
Rather than covering up a cute outfit with a generic fleece jacket, pick one of these cute toppers:

Each jacket is under $100. For more information on where to buy each item, click on the image. For more options, check out HC’s 20 Favorite Fall Jackets.

What do you think? Do you wear Uggs and North Face jackets? Have you been convinced to dress outside the box? I challenge you to try it for just one day. I promise you’ll still be just as warm, but twice as stylish.

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