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Spring Fashion Trends That Work For All Body Types

Winter is officially out-of-style. It’s time to kick your chunky sweaters, puffer coats, and knit beanies to the curb. The weather is changing, and so are the fashion trends

Spring 2021 is all about bold, dynamic looks. More importantly, many of these trends are inclusive to all figures. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a clothing store and feeling like all the new pieces are only designed for a specific body type. This season, you don’t have to sacrifice any new styles because they weren’t made to fit all shapes and sizes. 

Here are five spring fashion trends that work for all body types: 

Oversized blazers

Oversized blazers radiate that bold, badass energy. They can be styled with both casual and formal looks, and come in tons of different colors and patterns to play around with.

If you’re headed to an afternoon lecture or study session, layer an oversized blazer over a plain tee or cami and some straight-legged jeans. This look is both casual and comfortable, yet shows that you mean business. If you want to dress it up a little, try a turtleneck, mini-skirt, sheer tights, knee-high boots, and throw that blazer on top.

ASOS is the perfect spot to score an oversized blazer in neon shades, unique patterns, or traditional styles. Their pieces also range from petite to plus-sized. 

Wide-legged jeans

Skinny jeans are out, and wide-legged styles are in. Skinny jeans were all the rage in the late 2000’s, and have dominated as the most popular denim fit ever since. Now, loose-fitting jean styles are making their comeback in the fashion world.

Wide-legged jeans are perfect for the warmer spring months because they bring comfort and breathability to style. In addition, they are more versatile for different body shapes and sizes. They can be paired with pretty much anything, from a cozy tucked-in tee to a silk blouse.

Lee and H&M partnered up to create a wide-legged and high-waisted jean that’s not only affordable, but size-inclusive. The staple piece goes up to a waist size 30, and is rated as one of the best wide-fitting jeans on the market. 

Puffed sleeves

Puffy, exaggerated sleeves are a quick and easy way to spice up your spring look. They are also super versatile. A puffed sleeve could add an edgy, glamorous flair to your outfit, or a light, airy feel.

Puffy sleeves are everywhere right now, from blouses to dresses. Target’s clothing line A New Day is definitely hopping on this trend with their spring pieces. They have tons of tops and dresses with puffy and balloon-style sleeves, such as the women’s Puff Short Sleeve Dress. Their sizes range from XS-XXL and extend to plus-sized.

Sheer pieces

The transparent look is totally in right now. Wearing a sheer dress or blouse over a cami or slip will add layer and dimension to your look. Sheer pieces can be styled in so many different ways; you can go bold and bright, or classy and sophisticated.

Larika Mitoshi’s Strawberry Midi Dress has been one of the most popular fashion trends since last summer and is a huge influence on the sheer craze. The tulle fabric, pastel pink shade, and sequined strawberry pattern of the dress just screams spring. Many brands are recreating dupes of this style and additionally jumping aboard the sheer bandwagon. 

Tennis skirts

Pleated skirts aren’t going anywhere. This trend has been around for a bit, and it’s here to stay. 

Tennis skirts are perfect for warmer weather, and really complement spring color palettes. In addition, they flatter all body types. Tennis skirts are often paired with oversized sweaters and chunky sneakers. To add a preppy touch to this look, add a collared shirt under the sweater.

Athleta carries a pleated tennis skirt that’s both sporty and fashion-forward. Their sizes range from XXS-3X. 

This season’s fashion trends are super fun and refreshing. Most of all, they don’t just suit one shape or size. Nobody should have to miss out on new styles and looks because they lack inclusivity. 

This year, don’t be afraid to throw some spring fever into your wardrobe!

Sarah Bradley is pursuing a B.S. in Digital Media & Communications from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. She has completed various marketing and editorial internships with Glitter Magazine, 60 Seconds Magazine, and S&S Studios. In addition, she recently earned her Florida real estate license and is currently practicing with Luxe Real Estate Co. She loves cooking new recipes, drinking iced coffee, journaling, reading romance novels, and binge-watching bad reality television.
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