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How I’m Dressing For Spring When It’s Still Cold Out

Winter not only comes with style sacrifices for warmth and practicality, but also with an unspoken dark color palette. While that definitely serves its time, place and purpose, spring is on the rise and warmer weather has already entered the conversation in many places. 

In celebration of sunny days and blue skies, and in preparation for the spring transition, color is coming out to play not only in the outdoors but in the fashion world as well. Incorporating pops of color is a great way to dress for spring when the weather hasn’t quite caught up to the style forecast

Fashion waits for no one, certainly not the weather, and neither should you.

Pastel pieces 

Implementing color into your wardrobe is a great way to keep the spring spirits alive and well while awaiting the full transition. Pastels are perfect for a subtle addition without feeling “impractical” or as if your look is “unwearable” for the conditions. There are so many pieces you can do this with, given your preference on statement-making, for any given day. 

Add a pop with a pastel sweater or a crop top layered underneath a cardigan. If you’re feeling a little more bold, go for a pop of color jacket or blazer moment. If you’re really in the market for making a statement, try out a pastel pop in pants.  

Remember you can go as subtle or as statement as you wish. Any of these pieces could be the pop of color themselves or have some kind of patch, pattern or design that incorporates the color in a more understated way. 

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Accessories, the immediate outfit upgrades, are an incredible route for brightening up your look. Silk and satin handkerchiefs and hair scarves have been huge lately. While they make great crop tops, you can also add them to your hair, around your neck, or even tied to your bag — you have endless options on how to style them. 

Speaking of bags, a bold colored bag also makes a great addition to an outfit of the most basic or comfortable proportions. 

Claw clips, another big trend  right now, are a great way to add a pastel pop to any neutral outfit. Sunglasses are also a fun piece that can add some personality and uniqueness to bring out the spring energy. 


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Photo by Billie from Unsplash

This one might sound a bit bold, which it definitely can be, but it also doesn’t have to be. Let me explain: makeup is a really fun way to play around with and amplify your overall look. 

Experimenting with color through makeup has become more prominent recently and I’m all for it.This trend allows you to stray from the comfort zone of the neutral everyday looks that can be overdone and, I’ll just say it, downright boring. It’s a refreshing way to spice up your look and it doesn’t have to be scary. 

You can absolutely go down the bolder path with a pop of color on the lips, making for another great accessory. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, try a colored liner. Lately, I’ve been seeing blues, greens and pinks everywhere. Eyeshadow is also a more forgiving option, since you can decide how much to add and how you choose to blend it out. 


I feel like nails are an accessory often forgotten about and overlooked (similar to lips). Adding a pop of color to the nails can make for a great statement. Funky nail art has also been big lately, so that could be another fun way to play around with this trend. Essie has great color choices. 

Again, you can go as over or understated as you please here, from just doing an accent nail, colored tips or going full-fledged Picasso on those babies. 

I hope this showed you that spring can come along whenever you feel like it. There are an endless array and range of options on how to incorporate color to manifest that spring energy wherever you are. 

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