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How to Do Some Serious Spring Cleaning on Your Closet

In light of all the chaos surrounding us, it’s easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed or unproductive. Something that helps me, though, is organizing what I can to ease my nerves. Since we’re stuck at home anyway, we should take time to make it a space we truly want to be in, which is why I’m spending my self-isolation time cleaning out my closet. 

I want to clear out unwanted clothes, utilize the space I have and be content with the items I already own. Plus, I could use the distraction from all the news alerts popping up on my phone. Let’s look forward to spring by collectively spring cleaning our closets — here’s how.

Store Your Seasonal Items

When the seasons change, so do your outfits. Make sure to pack away any clothes or accessories you’re not wearing this season to make more room in your closet and keep the clothes you will wear visible. I like to pack my sweaters away in clear bins so I can see what’s in there.

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Downsize Your Closet

Before starting to organize my closet, I had to go through and look at everything in there. Anything I hadn’t worn recently or didn’t see myself wearing went straight into one of two bins: one for the consignment store and one for Goodwill. Downsizing my closet allowed way easier organization, plus I was able to find pieces I forgot I had. If you’re between keeping something and giving it away, see if you can make three wearable outfits with that piece. If you can’t, get rid of it. 

Change Your Layout


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You’ve seen those trendy clothing racks on Instagram — turns out, they’re a great tool for organizing your closet. The bar hanger lets you see everything on there, making sure you wear your pieces and keep them looking nice. Plus, it emphasizes a more minimal closet. 

Darcy 35″ W Portable Garment Rack, wayfair.com, $27; shop now

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Make a Budget & Stick By It


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In cleaning out my closet, I realized I had way too many things that were similar to each other or that I never wore, making me wonder how much money I had spent on these things. One habit I’ve developed that helps me is selling my items on Poshmark or Depop, then allowing that money to be my shopping money. This ensures that something is only coming into my closet when something leaves it. 

It’s important to find things that help keep you organized and grounded at moments like these. Take this time to reset and clean out your spaces!

Maya is a senior majoring in journalism at Boston University. She has previously written with College Fashionista as an editorial fellow and FASE Magazine as a fashion editorial intern. Passionate about writing, thrift shopping, memes, skin care, and binge-watching Broad City.
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