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Spotted on Shelves: Streekers Temporary Hair Dye

Experimenting with fun colored streaks in your hair is a trend we’ve seen a lot recently, both on the runway and on celebs like Ashley Tisdale. Coloring your hair can be daunting, especially when faced with the prospect of having dyed ends for several weeks until the color fades out! That’s why we here at Her Campus were so excited to hear about the Streekers hair dyes! These temporary hair dyes come in eight colors (red, blue, pink, ultra violet, purple, green, orange and yellow) and provide you with opaque, brushable color that washes out as soon as you shower. Crazy colors with zero commitment? Sign us up!

I received the colors Orange, Purple, Green, Ultraviolet and Blue. The website says that the lighter your hair, the more vibrant the colors will be, so I enlisted my lighter-haired friend Sam to help me test out these products. Author’s note: I did try these dyes on my own dark brown hair and they showed up as a faint highlight, so keep that in mind!

I decided to use the colors blue, green and purple on the bottom few inches of Sam’s hair to create a dip-dyed effect. The product itself comes in an adorable and bright decorative bottle and the applicator itself is a doe-foot sponge, which makes it super easy to apply. Since we only wanted to do the bottom of Sam’s hair, I just applied the blue at the very ends of her hair, then the green and then the purple. 

The color dried almost immediately but it’s a good idea to wait at least one minute before going back over one color with another if you want an ombré effect. The product did feel a bit sticky while it was drying but once it’s dry and you brush it out it shoudl look great. Plus, as the color dried it softened a bit, creating more of a natural ombré effect.

I didn’t have any latex gloves on hand but I would recommend using a pair of those if you have them, just to minimize any mess! If you do get some dye on your skin, not to worry—all you need is a little soap and water and it comes right off! I should mention that, according to the website, the dye will stain clothing so you should definitely throw on that old high school tee shirt you don’t really care about before application!

We really loved these products. Temporary hair dyes usually flake or fade soon after application but this really did feel like we had actually dyed Sam’s hair. These dyes would be amazing for Halloween looks (mermaid, anyone?), whether you’re going for something crazy and colorful or just want a few fun highlights. Costumes aside, these could be really fun for mixing up your daily look, or as Sam suggests, a new way of showing off your school’s colors at big games. Adding a few highlights for a night out, a concert, a festival or a themed party is a great way to spice up your look without having to commit to a permanent dye job!

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Sophie is currently a senior at Middlebury College in (very) rural Vermont and loves it. In addition to majoring in English and double minoring in Classics and Film, Sophie loves watching makeup tutorials, buying magazines in bulk, obsessively repainting her nails and catching up on The Vampire Diaries. Oh, and she's completely obsessed with Christmas, coffee, and her two kittens, Luna and Zuzu.
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