Soooo Pleated Skirts Are Officially Cool Again, According to Meghan Markle

BREAKING — the iconic pleated skirt is back in style and I have no other reaction other than that I am shook. The world works in mysterious ways (specifically, the fashion world) and now a fundamental part of most uniforms has become a popular trend seen across style communities everywhere. I never attended a school that required uniforms and vehemently rejected the idea of something infringing on my self-expression when they were proposed in my middle school. After all, being forced to wear a uniform would prevent me from wearing my favorite cargo shorts and Roxy tees. 

But now, school girl chic is alive and well, but with an unexpectedly elevated twist. It truly blows our minds on just how this trend came back into action so quickly, most likely thanks to Meghan Markle sporting a magical blue pleated piece. Regardless of your experience with them, pleated skirts have grown up like the rest of us and are ready to show off their full potential as a staple in your casual AND professional wardrobe. Here are some of our favorite ways to style the trend:

Pair it with sneakers



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Pleated skirts are a symbol of professionalism due to their status as a uniform piece, yet straddle the line between casual and polished due to their flowing, textured shape. Adding sneakers definitely makes your outfit feel carefree yet structured.

Stick to a neutral color palette



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For a look that’s more subtle look, try opting for pieces in grey, tan, cream, or beige. They’ll let the texture of the skirt take center stage and match with just about anything.

Add in your favorite graphic tee



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I’m a firm believer that you can wear graphic tees with anything and pleated skirts are no exception. Tuck it in or knot it in the front for a look that’s fun and so easy.

Be bold with color



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If neutrals have never been your thing, try the opposite by wearing a skirt that’s loud with patterns and color for a style that’s eye-catching.

Simple sweaters slay the game



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Sometimes sticking with the easiest option is what works out the best. Grab any of your basic sweaters and you’re good to go!

Blazers pull it all together



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If you’re wanting something more on the professional side, pair your pleated skirt with a blazer and you’ll immediately look like a CEO or Anna Wintour’s long-lost niece (either is ideal).

Who would've thought that something so uniform could be so chic? February is the month of love, and I know that I've met my match. Now if anyone needs me, I'll be scouring the closest thrift store and mall to get my hands on as many of these as I can.