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‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Is Back with All the Things We’ve Ever Said About Our Hair

Yep, Sh*t Girls Say is back, and it’s as funny and accurate as ever. Graydon Sheppard is back on screens everywhere with an ad for Aussie, and we’d be lying if we said we’re never caught asking, “Does my hair look ok?” Let’s face it, it happens.

Though we do miss that weirdly cute, purple kangaroo that usually appears in Aussie commericals to save a bad hair day, this video pretty much sums up how much we love our hair and the lengths we’d go for it. Curling iron? Check. Bobby pins? Check. Frizz serum? Check.

Aussie is asking us to #DitchTheDrama, and you don’t have to tell us twice. In the words of Sheppard, “I wish I could just, like, get out of bed and have my hair be done.” Preach girl, preach. 

So collegiettes, are you ready to #DitchTheDrama?

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