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Shop With Christian Siriano: Send the Trend!

Whether you subscribe to Coco Chanel’s, “Always take one accessory off before leaving the house” rule or prefer to pile on stacks of bracelets and bangles on each hand, your accessories can make or your outfit. While I have a few pieces I wear on a regular basis, I tend to occasionally get bored with my accessories. This is where Send the Trend comes in!

Send the Trend writes, “SendtheTrend.com is a new online personal shopping experience for fashionistas looking to keep their wardrobe trendy with the season’s best accessories.  Their jewelery, scarves and sunglasses are the perfect way to stay stylish on a collegiette‘s budget.  Each month they e-mail you personalized picks, chosen by fashion industry experts like Christian Siriano.”

Once you sign up, you’re asked to take a short quiz that helps define your personal style. Next, you’re offered a choice of accessories that fit your style. Every month, your subscription lets you buy your favorite piece – think of it like eHarmony for accessories. Very cool!

Check out their video below:

Personally, I have my eye on these two pieces, the Tess Muse Bracelet and the Alix Neon Scarf. So cute!

Go to SendTheTrend.com to sign up today!

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