So, I Ordered $7 Lingerie From Shein, & The Sizing Was... Interesting

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Shein is a website known for its notoriously low prices and incredibly trendy clothes. But often what you see in the picture is not always what you receive in the mail. Usually, the clothes you recieve look similar to the ones you ordered, just much lower quality than from typical retailers. I decided to see if this theory holds true with their lingerie, so I ordered four lingerie sets and my total came out to $36! I figured if the lingerie sets look anything like the pictures, the $36 would easily be worth it. The shipping was free and my order came in about a week.

Here's what I bought:

1. The Eyelash Lace Garter Lingerie Set

I knew I wanted to order a classic black lingerie set. I liked that this one, the Eyelash Lace Garter Lingerie Set, came with six pieces for $10. I ordered it in an XL because Shein tends to run small. What I got in the mail was pretty identical to the picture. However, when I tried it on I started to love it less. My main problem is with the bra.

The cups are extremely small while the band was really loose and not adjustable. The garter belt also only had one loop for the hook, so it wasn’t adjustable either. I like the undies and the garters, so I’m glad I will at least be able to wear some pieces of this set.

2. The Appliques Tanga Lingerie Set

I was most excited to get this set, the Appliques Tanga Lingerie Set, in the mail. I love how flirty and cute the baby pink is with the mesh and flower appliques. I ordered a large for $10 and it fits really well, but I do have some issues with it.

The flowers are BARELY sewn on and one fell off immediately after I tried it on. The set I received also has a lot fewer flowers that the one in the picture, as you can see on the bottoms.

3. The Harness Detail Appliques Lingerie Set

This set is called the Harness Detail Appliques Lingerie Set. I ordered it in a size large and it cost $9. I loved the juxtaposition between the feminine top and dominatrix bottoms. However, I had a ton of issues with it. The top is just so small. My boobs were sadly being suffocated by the lace appliques.

The band fit nicely, but there was no room in the cup for my boobs. The panties took me approximately 20 minutes to get into, it was so difficult to figure out all of the straps and where they are supposed to go. They are super cute once you get them on, I'll just have to pair them with another bra. (Photo Courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

4. The Lace Trim Backless Criss Cross Satin Romper

This cute little bodysuit is the Lace Trim Backless Criss Cross Satin Romper, which I ordered in a size large for $7. This was by far my favorite thing that I purchased. The color is so rich and sexy, and I love the contrast with the white lace.

Surprisingly, it fit perfectly! The adjustable straps are really nice for someone with a short torso like me. If I were to recommend buying any of these sets, it would be this one! 

The scoop:

Overall, the issues were not centered around poor quality, they were more about the fit. All of them, except the pink set, were pretty decent quality, but the proportions were off. Also, the bottoms seemed to fit more often than the tops. If you want to order some lingerie sets for fun, this is a great place to look.

But if you are looking for some special occasion lingerie, I would stick to a more traditional retailer.