Selena Gomez Wears 6 Outfits in One Day, Is All of Us on Vacation

While on her press tour for "Bad Liar" in NYC, Selena Gomez changed five times in one day, totaling six gorgeous outfits. I'm raising an incredulous eyebrow right now, because I have a hard time finding a clean shirt to throw over my jeans in the morning, but on another level, I can relate. Who doesn't love changing 1,000 times while on vacation? The thing is, Selena wasn't on vacation, since she spent the day running from TV tapings to radio interviews. So essentially, she looked like a damn princess in six different outfits, all while grinding like the HBIC of her career she is. What is this sorcery?

Of course, Selena has the means to look this good all the time: Teen Vogue reports that all of these outfits combined cost over $13,000. Yikes. I'm not gonna lie, the other day I felt kind of guilty for buying a $13 dress at Forever 21... With that being said, you can't expect a star to dress affordably all the time. Besides, you can't put a price on all this fashion inspo: she concluded the day with a date night, for which she opted for delicate satin and lace. Ooh la la!


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