Scrubs Are Getting a Chic Makeover

For those who aren’t in the medical industry, the first thought that might come to mind at the mention of “scrubs” is Grey’s Anatomy. But for the many men and women who are required to don these ill-fitting and unflattering uniforms, it’s unflattering and ugly. That’s why Heather Hasson, a 33-year-old former handbag designer, created a company that is seeking to change bulky scrubs from medical necessities to chic work attire.

Hasson and Trina Spear, a 32-year-old Harvard graduate, created the startup company, Figs, which is now being likened to Lululemon for its innovative take on the stagnant medical apparel industry. Unlike typical scrubs, Figs scrubs are fitted, comfortable and practical. They come in a variety of sizes, and an assortment of colors. Instead of kitschy patterns and bland colors, Figs offers 15 different hues for women and 8 for men. Plus, the flexible fabric and slightly fitted shape allow for easy movement and a flattering figure. And on top of that, the oversized pockets can accommodate modern phones (you know, like your iPhone 6 Plus), making these scrubs as progressive as they are stylish.

Racked reports that Hasson got her inspiration came from her medical friends, who would complain about the unflattering scrubs they were required to wear. They told her that it was difficult to feel confident in the baggy clothing, and they just wanted attire that would be both functional and flattering. Figs is one of the first brands to start creating high-end medical gear, a huge improvement from the assembly line scrubs handed out by hospitals and stocked by medical apparel outlets. Hasson feels that medical professionals should get to be just that—professional—and her scrubs give them the ability to not only feel but also look the part.