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Rihanna’s 10-Minute Makeup Tutorial Is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

When we aren’t spending hundreds at Sephora because of the latest Stunna Lip Paint shade, we’re obsessing about all of Rihanna’s business venture. Granted, keeping up with all of Rihanna’s greatest product releases should be a capstone course at this point. Between Rih’s hyper body-positive lingerie line and Fenty Beauty’s latest product launches, we need a cheat sheet just to stay on top of our Rihanna-stanning duties. However, she’s giving us even more inspo to procrastinate studying for finals and subsequent basic human hygiene elevate our makeup game.

In a video filmed by Vogue, Rihanna graced us with a 10-minute long makeup tutorial that puts all other makeup tutorials to shame. If you only have time to watch one video before you proceed with your busy schedule of ignoring your Tinder matches, then you should definitely watch the multi-titled songstress’ instructional video.

With Fenty Beauty’s increasing product list, it can be difficult to understand how to incorporate all these revolutionary products into your beauty regime. Thankfully, Riri has us covered because she took the time to show us how to use some Fenty products.

Teen Vogue reports that Rihanna starts the video by showing us how to blend out her Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. To be fair, she did open the tutorial with the brutal reality of being a makeup guru (because finding the perfect intro to your makeup vlog is impossible). Allure notes that Riri was a bit too excited when she transitions to her eyelids. As Rihanna introduces an ambiguous duo eyeshadow compact—that looks eerily similar to the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter packaging, Rihanna says, “Beach, please. Beach, please. Get it? Yeah.” (Obviously, this is Riri’s way of telling her viewers that she wants to go to the beach and we’re all invited. Right?)

Although Rihanna introduces this new eyeshadow pair as a summery shade, “beach, please” might be a clue to the name of the product or a hint to a new summer Fenty Beauty collection. (Beach, please be a whole collection.) In hindsight, Fenty Beauty will probably release this ambiguous eyeshadow sooner, seeing as the beauty brand did tease us with a tweet that’s veiled in pre-launch Easter eggs. 

Beyond giving us excellent tips on how to apply makeup and promoting her namesake beauty brand, Rihanna gives us some inspiring advice for navigating the often confusing world of makeup.

“I have been watching women do makeup since my mom. And then I started working in an industry where makeup was gonna be part of my every day basically, so I picked up a lot of tips there and I think the best teacher is yourself,” explains Rihanna. After all, how can we figure out how to put on our makeup like the makeup gods if we don’t try it ourselves?

“You have to practice on your own face. Because there are gonna be things that you can do better than makeup artists,” Rihanna adds. Not only does she give us applicable beauty tips, she also inspires us to experiment with our own makeup and take new risks.

Honestly, we wish the video could go on for another hour because it saved our face (literally). Now, we’re just trying to do some Insta-sleuthing to figure out when Fenty Beauty will debut that mysterious metallic pink lip gloss toward the end of the video. Other than the lip-topping mystery, we just need to figure out if it’s socially acceptable to wear Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie and slather our bodies with body lava while we watch Rihanna bless theaters in Ocean’s 8, which premieres on June 8, 2018. We’re so ready, Riri.

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