Rihanna & Kendall Jenner Are Trying to Make Fanny Packs Happen

Friends, we are in dire straits. Now, not to name names, but Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are attempting to bring fanny packs back from the lost-and-founds of summer camps of yore they were supposedly left in.

First, it was just Kendall Jenner wearing Louis Vuitton and Prada. Harmless enough, right?

But now, glamour goddess RiRi has been spotted wearing a Christian Dior fanny pack smack dab in the middle of her all-denim ensemble.

And she's even got a bow shaped fanny pack in her Fenty x Puma collection?!

Okay, so maybe this one is cute, but still. Do we really need to revisit all the style fads from 1996? 

What's next, scrunchies? Oh, wait...

People say we're literally living in the '90s again, and I think they're right. That's some spooky time travel stuff right there.