Removable Ear Cuffs Are The Commitment-Free Jewelry Trend You Need To Try

Of all the style and beauty choices you make daily, piercing is one of the most personal decisions and comes with a million factors. Some people have a low pain threshold or hate needles, and others are chronic sufferers of buyer's remorse when it comes to a t-shirt, much less a hole in your body. If you're in a more conservative industry like finance, piercings might be frowned upon in the workplace or even hurt your chances of landing that dream internship. Maybe you already have three or four piercings and just aren't sure whether you want to commit to another. Luckily, there's a non-permanent jewelry trend for all of the above. Whether you're wavering over whether to get an orbital piercing, or just want to add a little edginess to your look for the night, these simple and chic ear cuffs are the perfect solution. It's a consequence-free experiment with a new style that you just might fall in love with. 

You can take this jewelry on and off without the hassle of a high-maintenance healing period or permanent hole in your body—and as a bonus, they look so real that no one will be the wiser. So if the cuff doesn't quite suit your internship's office dress code, just stick it in your pocket for a few hours and then slip it back on for a night out with the girls. This trendy jewelry accessory is a delicate and feminine way to dress up a basic tee and jeans, and will make any outfit look more polished. Plus, they're unique and unexpected—and a great way to shake up your look if you feel stuck in a style rut.

You can wear the ear cuffs solo, pair them with simple studs, or go all out to let your ear bling take center stage. Browse #EarParty on Instagram for inspiration—just be prepared to get sucked in for a few hours scrolling through all the beautiful photos. 

Maison Miru's selection of oh-so-chic ear cuffs are the perfect way to test out this new trend. Whether you love sparkle or prefer to keep your accessories a little more simple, their range of ear cuff styles offers something for everyone. Best of all, they're all under $40, a major steal for bargain-savvy collegiettes. The company is even stylist-approved! They've been featured several times on celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe's The Zoe Report. Their beautiful ear cuffs below might just tempt you to try out the trendy new style—no piercing gun or needles necessary.

Maison Miru Infinite Ear Cuff, $39

Maison Miru Eternity Ear Cuff, $34

Maison Miru Double Eternity Ear Cuff, $39

Maison Miru Classic Chain Ear Cuff, $34

Maison Miru Classic Ear Cuff, $29 (model seen here with two)