Recharge Your Friendship with Charged Jewelry

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Exchanging jewelry between friends is a lifelong tradition. We guarantee you remember your first half-heart necklace given by your kindergarten bestie, and know how important these memories are. What if you could give jewelry that would send positive vibes to a friend in need? Charged Jewelry pieces are made with the realization that the earth is exceptionally alive with energy, so each wearer can acknowledge that throughout each negative in life, there is always a positive circling close behind.

Just like you and your bestie, each stone has a story. All Charged Jewelry make the pilgrimage to Sedona and are charged in the middle of a high-energy vortex. Made with 18k Gold Plated Balance Beads and semi-precious gemstones, there’s a stone with a story for you. Plus, $1 from each sale goes straight to The Charged Fund, where different charity organizations receive funding. Not only are you instilling positivity in your bestie’s life, but you’re playing an active role in giving back to a wide variety of causes.  To learn more about giving back with Charged Jewlery, check out their Fund.  

Want to win your own collection of Charged Jewelry? We’re giving away 1 grand prize of a $90 gift card, good for five bracelets of the winner’s choice. Plus, you’ve got a chance to win 10 runner-up prizes of $18, or one bracelet of your choice! Get ahead of the game and check out Charged Jewlery on Facebook and Instagram to pick out your fav bracelet.

Give you and your bestie the gift of positive energy with Charged Jewlery! Enter below to win!

Recharge Your Friendship with Charged Jewelry