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How to Give Your Room a Fresh Vibe While You’re Spending More Time Than Ever At Home

Your physical space is everything. There are actual studies out there that prove environment impacts your mood, and I think we can all agree that our moods are being tested right now. Especially for those of us that are now taking online classes or working from home indefinitely, it’s important to establish a space that makes you happy, motivated and stress-free.

Most of us didn’t expect to be home this early, or this often. However, this is your new reality for the foreseeable future, and since you have the extra time right now, it’s the perfect excuse to change your room around and liven it up, or to make your home-office space more welcoming! This is also a great way to give yourself a fun, productive task to do to express your creativity and combat the mundane feelings of the day. I know I always feel a sense of accomplishment once I’ve given my space a fresh makeover, and excitement to be surrounded by my new digs. 

Before getting started, I recommend brainstorming a game plan. This can be as simple as making a rough sketch, or creating a whole Pinterest board of inspo! Here are eight things to consider as you dive in. 

Rearrange what you already have

If you’re able to give your room a little Feng Shui moment, rearranging your furniture automatically changes the energy and feel. Without even having to do any additional decorating or furniture replacements, you’ve given your room a total makeover. If you’re into blueprints and layouts, rearranging your furniture is perfect. No funds necessary, and it makes for a nice workout–a two-for-one special!

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Rid yourself of what you don't need

Now it’s time to assess. Is there anything you’ve found that no longer holds any use, or something you’d like to replace? Move any unnecessary clutter out of your room, and prepare it to go live in the basement or to go to the donation bin. Making sure everything in your room has a purpose, and doesn’t crowd or clutter, will ease your mood and your mind.

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Switch out your bedding

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. So, when you’re looking to give your room a fresh vibe, it’s best to start with the big details. Have you been sleeping under the same comforter since you were 15? Switching out the bedding will give your space a major upgrade. Pick a color that you love and work from there to ensure everything ends up looking cohesive. Establish your color scheme and vibe, and allow everything else to accent it!

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Add some texture

Now that you’ve picked your bedding, play around with colors, shades and textures by accenting your bed. You can do this with throw pillows and blankets, which can be added to chairs, ottomans or a bench seat, or with the right set of curtains. Texture can also be brought in through brush stroked art prints or wall hangings. Society6 is my go-to brand for all things wall art. You can go as all in or minimal as you desire!

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Personalize your walls

Speaking of, wall décor is a perfect way to personalize a room. Make it truly feel like yours by filling it with what makes you smile. I recommend filling your walls with photos. You can go the more professional route with frames or go the inexpensive DIY route with some good ol tape. I have a polaroid wall going in my room, and it’s my favorite personal touch. Since we’re now stuck at home and away from our friends, it’s nice to still have them around somehow. Another thing I love to do is paint. Especially during this time of social distancing and quarantining, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and paint your own décor. Not only is it super relaxing and therapeutic, but it can add another personal touch to your space. 

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Spruce up your workspace

Since you’ll be working from home, a spacious desk and a comfortable chair are essential. So, make sure your workspace is distinct and incorporates things that keep you moving. Bring in some motivational posters, quotes and art prints that make you feel productive when sitting down to work. Again, Society6 has great options for motivation that will also add to your aesthetic. Gather your planners to stay on top of those routines, along with all your stationary essentials. 

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Mood lighting

Now it’s time to set the mood. Lighting is another thing that can heavily affect emotions. Some people are even light sensitive, meaning it can affect your mood along with levels of productivity. I personally love neon signs. It adds such a chill, relaxing vibe to a room. Neon signs can get pretty expensive, but I’ve found ones on Amazon that are both affordable and work great! And, of course, string lights a tried and true classic are another great way to set the tone. You could even go back to the basics of lamps and light fixtures. Urban Outfitters has some really nice lamps that can serve as more accent pieces to your space.

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Finishing touches

To end off your complete & successful room makeover add some finish touches. Light your favorite smelling candles around the room, turn on that essential oil diffuser if you have one and bring life in with some plants –– real or fake, no one has to know. After all, it’s all the little details that add up to make the biggest difference.

Right now, Homesick candles can especially come in handy, as many of us are missing school or the ability to visit our families a little extra right now. Find your town or state and have it with you wherever you are! They’re also currently offering free shipping and 10% off, as they donate 10% to vulnerable communities.

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By the end you’ll have worked up a sweat, done something productive and feel as brand new as your redesigned room! It’ll be a space that you want to be in and won’t mind being stuck in.

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