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Put what in my hair? The best organic ingredients for your hair

You feed your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, so why shouldn’t you treat your hair the same way? Let's face it, ladies, going organic isn’t just for foodies; it’s also for beauty lovers everywhere. And buying hair products with organic and natural ingredients can make a world of difference on the way you care for your gorgeous locks.
To help you decipher those hair care product labels that so often seem to be written in another language, Chrissy’s Beauty School is breaking down some key ingredients you should be looking for if you’re hoping to treat your strands to organic, natural goodness!

  • Acai – This berry contains many vitamins and minerals that help you achieve an ever-important hair combination: hair moisturizing, color enrichment, and frizz elimination!
  • Cacao –The addicting chocolatey aroma of this ingredient isn’t the only reason to seek it out on the shelves; it also adds shine and vibrancy to your hair and helps improve its health. See moms, chocolate is good for us!
  • Sunflower – Who would have thought that sunflower oil would help protect you from the sun? Well, it does just that and helps with vitamin enrichment.
  • Monoi Tiare – Never heard of this one? Well maybe you should. This ingredient is hypoallergenic and helps to seal your scalp, hair cuticles and skin, all while preventing dryness and protecting hair from sun and salt water damage. Hello, perfect summer ingredient!
  • Acanthus – Looking for something to help with oily buildup in your hair? Look no further, ladies! This plant extract can help dry any excess oil in your hair and on your scalp without drying out the moisture in your scalp.
For more information go to Naturallycurly.com, or to purchase products go to Curlmart.com.
For more information go to Naturallycurly.com, or to purchase products go to Curlmart.com.
For more information go to Naturallycurly.com. To purchase products go to Curlmart.com.

Katie Heelon, J9 Public Relations

Chrissy Callahan is a double major in journalism and media studies (self-designed) and French and Francophone studies at Brandeis University, graduating December 2010. A Medford, Mass. native, she works in Brandeis' Department of Creative Services, helping edit and maintain the Brandeis website. Before writing and interning for Her Campus, Chrissy was features editor for the student newspaper the Brandeis Hoot for three years. When she's not hard at work, you're most likely going to find Chrissy indulging her passion for shopping, wearing way too much pink, or eating cookie dough ice cream. She also enjoys traveling, and dreams of traveling to Paris frequently for her future career. After graduating, Chrissy hopes to get a job in beauty or fashion journalism.
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