I'm Taking These Cute Essentials with Me on Spring Break, & They're All Under $20

It's the height of spring break season, which means it's time to crack down and collect all of the essentials you'll need for vacation, whether you're sticking around campus or jetting off into sunnier days. Luckily, I know that you're on a budget, so I've compiled nine essentials for your vacay that you can get from Her Campus's very own hcxo.shop, all under $20. 

  1. 1. Baseball Cap ($17)

    Whether you're protecting yourself from the sun's rays or just trying to hide the fact that you haven't washed your hair in four days, a baseball cap is a must-have. Check out our Sundazed, Who is She?, @hercampus designs (in white and black), plus GRL PWR (in white, pink and blue) shades!

  2. 2. Tumbler ($11)

    Binging the latest Netflix release from your couch or sprawling out in the sand, the I Am My Own Hero and I'll Settle For World Domination tumblers each come in our own shade of empowerment and four different colors, fitting in wherever you need to hydrate. 

  3. 3. Luggage Tag ($9)

    Quickly recognize your luggage on the belt or make sure they have your contact information when you forget it in the library at 2 a.m. These Girls Just Wanna Have Sun and Live Fast Fly Young luggage tag know what you're about!

  4. 4. Fanny Pack ($15)

    If you're exploring a sunny seaside city or just paying a visit to your favorite locale, the Full of Secrets clear fanny pack will keep all of the day's necessities close at hand and totally Insta-worthy. 

  5. 5. Pouch ($8)

    Study tools? Toiletries? Snacks? Check, check and check. The Blood Type: Iced Coffee, Sand in Terrifying Places and Nicer When I'm Tan pouches keep all of your tiny belongings together, right where they belong.

  6. 6. Book ($13)

    You can't go anywhere without a good beach read, and we've got signed copies of The Her Campus Guide to College Life to fill in those quiet moments. 

  7. 7. Sleep Mask ($10)

    Naps on the beach, naps on the plane, naps on your back deck – doesn't matter as long as you're napping. Never stop dreaming with our silk sleep masks in Mint and Pink!

  8. 8. Compact ($6)

    Need to check on your lipstick? Wondering how your summer ~glow~ is coming along? Slip the Busy Babes Club or In My Dreams I'm Asleep mirrored compact into your bag and off you go. 

  9. 9. Chic Accessories

    Because your laptop and your bomber jacket both deserve a spring makeover, our Mood sticker ($4) and Weekender pin ($9) are the perfect fit! See more stickers and pins on hcxo.shop!