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How To Prepare Your Natural Hair For The Cold Weather 

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No matter how much you may love the winter, the truth is that the cold isn’t great for our natural hair. It causes it to become dry, frizzy, and more prone to breakage – which is why this year, I’m preparing my natural hair for the weather shift ahead of time by using the best products from Ulta Beauty to help my hair stay well-protected and moisturized all winter long.

Cleaning and Hydrating

I always prefer having a wash day routine that consists of a cleansing and hydrating shampoo that doesn’t strip away moisture from my hair, and a conditioner that adds intense moisture, emphasizes softness, and reduces frizz. I depend on this wash day regimen to help repair and nourish my hair to lock in moisture so no matter how cold the air might be, my hair won’t dry out.

Then, for even more moisture, the leave-in product I use during the cold weather is hair butter, which has been a priority for me because it gives my hair the ability to seal in moisture as it caters to the care of my curls.

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Paul Mitchell Awapuhi
Wild Ginger Nourishing Shampoo
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tgin Butter Cream
Daily Moisturizer

Protective Styling

Protective styling is an essential factor for my hair in the winter because it preserves my curls in the colder weather. To prepare for the cold, I like to use a scalp cleansing rinse, mousse, and a light leave-in conditioner to help with my hair health. All of these products can easily be distributed in my hair when it’s styled in my go-to hairstyles like braids and twists, and allow my hair and scalp to be cleansed while balancing rejuvenation and moisturization.

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Camille Rose Sweet
Ginger Cleansing Rinse
November HC
Curl Mousse
November HC 3
DONNA’S RECIPE Sweet Potato Pie Extra Creamy Leave-In Conditioner

Here’s to using these incredible products and not letting the cold air get to your hair this winter!

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