I Tried Making My Scrunchie Into a Pocket Because Twitter Told Me To, & It Actually Worked

Yesterday, Her Campus’s editorial team found a video on Twitter that was, for lack of a better word, life-changing. It elicited gasps throughout the office, and people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A scrunchie. As a pocket. How had we never thought of this idea before?

This “stash scrunchie” came with so many possibilities — I could use it for concerts, exercising, a quick errands run and much more. So naturally, we decided to make our own stash scrunchies.

We knew we needed a scrunchie that was big and stretchy enough to hold all of our things, and a zipper and sewing supplies, so we started at Target because Target has everything. Except, as it turns out, suitable scrunchies and craft supplies. We turned to a nearby Marshall’s and found black satin scrunchies that would do the job, but still couldn’t find a zipper to close our scrunchie pockets. 

An art store near the office had sewing supplies but no zipper, so we went with what they did have — sew-on snaps. These might not be as secure as the zipper, but it would allow us to open and close the scrunchie. After our search, we had our big scrunchies, a sewing kit, sew-on snaps, a seam ripper and my lack of crafting abilities.

I started by opening the seam of the scrunchie with the seam ripper and making a small hole. Then, I got out the sewing kit, got some help threading the needle, and began sewing one half of the snap onto one side of the scrunchie. After that one was (poorly) sewn on, I lined up the other half of the snap on the other side of the scrunchie and sewed that on. I was able to snap the scrunchie open and closed. 

I make it sound easy, but know that there literal blood, sweat and tears were shed for this scrunchie. Regardless, I was eager to test the scrunchie out. Though it would be great to wear on your wrist, I was curious to see if the scrunchie could be worn in your hair.

I grabbed my apartment key, a Starburst, some Midol and cash to see how much the scrunchie could hold. It looked like it all fit, so I snapped it closed. You couldn’t really tell that there was anything in the scrunchie because of the ruching and dark color. It looked great on my wrist.

Carefully, I transitioned the scrunchie from my wrist to my head, folding it in half to put my hair in a ponytail. And… it still looked perfect! You still couldn’t tell that I had all of those things in my scrunchie, and I couldn’t even feel them pressing against my head. Success!

I’ll definitely be making more stash scrunchies, but maybe with fabric glue and a zipper next time. I can’t wait to wear them to literally every event I go to. Do you think you’d make one (or ten)?