Photoshoot: Spirit Chic with Campus Couture

We know that school spirit is part of campus life, but far too often it's lost on massive t-shirts and baggy sweatpants. Eschew the school spirit norm and instead choose Spirit Chic with Campus Couture. Featuring amazingly chic tees and tanks from Campus Couture, you can have both spirit and style.  Most of their designs combine multiple embellishments, so you'll be covered in bling with rhinestones, studs, foil, print and sequins. 

As every collegiette™ knows, there's no better way to be.

Right now, Campus Couture is running an exclusive back-to-campus promotion for Her Campus readers! You can get an extra 30% off your favorite Alma Mata fashion item.  Use promotional code BTCAMPUS30 online only at
In addition, if you check out their Facebook page, Campus Couture is giving away $300 of exclusive campus couture fashions in the coming weeks. What's not to love? 

Click below to view the shoot!

Check out all of the models' tops at!

Again, a huge shoutout to Campus Couture for hooking us up with these awesomly chic tees!