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I Just Found the Best Product to Soothe My Dry Skin After Too Much Time in the Sun

Sunburn season is the time around spring and summer when my lack of body SPF actually catches up with me. I always wear sunscreen on my face. On my body? Depends on the day.  

There are a few skin-soothing products on the market for when you go too hard by the beach or pool, geared towards repairing all that exposed skin. Let's be real: body sunburns are miserable, especially the peeling after. But Jen Atkin, Instagram icon and Kim Kardashian West's hair stylist, has me feeling some type of way with an all-new product for skin relief. Introducing After Sun Body Soother ($25), the latest release and first body product from Ouai, which I plan to keep by my side all summer long. 

The Details



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Ouai’s After Sun Body Soother is a cruelty-free foam body moisturizer. It's packed with aloe leaf juice for calming inflammation, cucumber extract for cooling properties, and rosehip oil to hydrate and heal dry skin. It's not forumulated for the face, but that won't stop me from slathering it everywhere else.

Body Soother doesn’t contain SPF, but it layers well with sunscreen so you can soothe your burnt skin while protecting it from more damage. It's basically the dream moisture moment your skin craves when the weather is hot and bright. And the good news is that you don't need to be sunburnt to use this either! It good for moisturizing all year, so this product goes way beyond just your beach days. 



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For all my fellow scent obsessives out there, if you haven't tried a Ouai product, they all smell so good. Like so good, there are even perfumes of all the scents, and it's no surprise that Body Soother does not disappoint. It smells like delicious coconuts and pineapples, AKA summer in a bottle. 

After Sun Body Soother comes in a shiny gold, and it's an actual aesthetic dream that's sure to steal the front row spot on your vanity. Body Soother is limited edition, so don’t mind me while I go stock up on it. 

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Reece will be graduating from Assumption College in Spring 2019 with a degree in English, Mass Writing and Communications and a minor in Graphic Design. She enjoys long walks through Sephora, eating good food and spending time with her dogs!
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