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8 Ways To Organize Your Whole Life In A Small Space

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If you ask me, mastering the art of saving space is critical to learning in college. Whether you’re living in a small dorm or moving into your first apartment, organizing your entire life into a small space can feel overwhelming. Suddenly your closet is overflowing and all of the trinkets you packed have nowhere to go — yikes. Fortunately, there are little things you can do to make sure your space feels personalized and organized, and IKEA has a variety of sleek furniture and items to help with this! Here are eight tips on how to organize your whole life in a small space”

Try a multi-use hanger

KOMPLEMENT Multi-Use Hanger

This adorable (and practical!) multi-use hanger is perfect for showing off your collection of clothes, belts, jewelry, and more! It holds up to 18 different accessories and provides a great way to stay organized and reduce clutter around your home. The sleek design matches everything, and the best part is, it doesn’t take up a ton of space. 

IKEA, KOMPLEMENT Multi-Use Hanger, $6.99; shop now

Smart storage

BULLIG Box, bamboo/brown

If you’re looking for an ideal way to stay organized during college and beyond, look no further than this bamboo storage box. It’s equally decorative as it is practical, and is great for storing everything from hats, scarves, umbrellas, shoes, magazines, creative gear, and more. When you’re condensing your entire life into one small space, storage boxes are truly everything — they add beautiful texture to your room, fit perfectly on shelves, and make it easy to hide clutter on a whim (trust me, we’ve all been there!).

IKEA, BULLIG Box, bamboo/brown, $14.99; shop now

Organize with a shoe rack

GREJIG Shoe Rack

If you’re looking for an ideal way to stay organized in your home without breaking the bank, you need this shoe rack from IKEA. Trust me, it’s the perfect way to keep your shoes stacked and organized, and it’s practical for everyday shoes in the hallway or fancy heels in your wardrobe! Since the rack is foldable, you can also keep a few extra units in your closet to unfold and unstack when you have guests over. 

IKEA, GREJIG Shoe Rack, $4.99; shop now

Store items under your bed

NORDLI Bed Frame with Storage

Whether you’re heading to a dorm or a shared apartment this year, chances are, you don’t have a ton of storage space to experiment with. Fortunately, this bed frame is beautiful and functional, with six spacious drawers for all of your belongings! Whether you want a bit of extra space for your clothes, extra blankets and comforters, or other essentials, this bed frame provides a practical storage solution without taking up a ton of space in your home. 

IKEA, NORDLI Bed Frame with Storage, $399; shop now

Try chic yet functional furniture

BORGEBY Coffee Table 

This stylish coffee table is everything you need to create a sense of visual calm in your space and keep your small belongings organized, like your TV remote or phone charger. I love that it’s chic and modern yet provides practical storage under the tabletop so that you can organize any unnecessary clutter in your apartment. Grab your favorite houseplant for decoration and a few magazines to stack on top, and voila — get ready to impress your friends with a timeless piece that feels smart, sophisticated, and helps you stay organized at the same time.

IKEA, BORGEBY Coffee Table, $99, shop now

Use a clothing rack

TURBO Clothing Rack 

Did anyone else pack way too many clothes for college before realizing that your closet is much smaller than you expected? Seriously, same. This functional clothing rack is a genius way to keep your clothes neat and organized — plus, it might even encourage you to start a capsule wardrobe or practice minimalism (do you really need a hundred sweaters?). I love that it’s spacious, easy to assemble, and convenient to move around if you want to change the look of your room throughout the year. 

IKEA, TURBO Clothing Rack, $49.99; shop now

Use a minimalist dressing table

MALM Dressing Table

Having a clean, reliable place to do your hair and makeup is a must, especially when time and space are limited. Plus, carving out a corner for yourself is a great way to stay organized and avoid having to curl your hair while sitting on the floor (been there, done that). This dressing table is beautiful, simple, and has plenty of space for makeup and jewelry inside its wide, felt-lined drawer. It also works great as a desk, providing a cute place to store your mail or stack magazines. The durable glass tabletop is easy to wipe clean, so say goodbye to stains and hello to furniture that feels clean and organized.

IKEA, MALM Dressing Table, $129; shop now

Master your bed and desk setup

VITVAL Loft Bed Frame with Desk Top

Having a comfortable bed and desk setup is key for any college student! This loft bed frame and desk combine two essential furniture items into one sleek, compact unit that’s perfect for saving space in your room. With this item, you can have a reliable space for getting organized, taking video calls, and tackling late night study sessions. Let’s be real, this item is a lifesaver — it helps you free up floor space, plus you can fill your desk nook with cute decor showcasing your personal style. 

IKEA, VITVAL Loft Bed Frame with Desk Top, $229; shop now

Organizing your belongings during college can be a struggle, especially if you’re dealing with a tiny space. However, a few simple fixes can help you go from disorganized and messy to chic and sophisticated! Check out the above list for essential items from IKEA that will help elevate your space and help you keep track of everything you need.

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