An Open Letter from the HC Editors to the Style & Beauty Items We Learned to Love

Style and beauty in 2019 can best be described as breaking all the rules we've ever known. AKA, it's okay to be weird and, truly anything goes when it comes to trends. But, that wasn't so much the case just a decade ago, where there were some looks you swore you'd never dare try — not even if Paris Hilton did it.

Let me give you a refresher: the rules of style and beauty were pretty specific. Your logo tees made you the most stylish person in school (don't think we'll ever understand this) and your signature eyeliner-around-the-entire-eye look made you the beauty queen of your friend group. Style and beauty were just so different back then and that's okay. We are now much humbler from these experiences.

The editors here at Her Campus took to Instagram to chat about these once-forbidden looks, and they have some thoughts to say the least. Times have changed, and so have our opinions on what's ~cool~ in style and beauty. So, sit back and read this as you would a sincere apology, or a love letter if you will, to all the trends we never thought we'd accept (we love you now if that's any consolation).

Sorry we hated you, sunscreen 

"I hated sunscreen. I would literally scream when my mom put it on my face. I thought it smelled so weird and was super sticky. Now, I literally have SPF in every product I have. Taking care of my skin is worth it!" — Gina

Justice for oversized sweaters

"I used to hate oversized sweaters when I was younger because I always thought they looked super frumpy. But in 2019, we're all about comfort and chunky, oversized sweaters are the peak of comfort. Thankfully, they're back in style so I can wear them all. the. time." — Hailey

Didn't know dad jeans & sneakers could be cool

"Something I've found to finally love is the jeans and sneakers combo. It used to be the ~dad outfit~, but now it's super trendy." — Emily

Revival of the turtleneck

"Growing up, I remember my mom would literally force me to wear turtlenecks to school and I hated it. Now, turtlenecks are my literal go-to's. So like, sorry mom." — Jenna

On better terms with tights

"So, I used to hate wearing tights. It was actually like a punishment when I was a kid. But now, I like them because I can go ahead and buy myself the comfortable ones and pick out the colors I actually like." — Kristina

Plot twist: we like prints now

"Something I never thought I'd ever find in my wardrobe is prints. Same with midi skirts. They're both so good, and even better together. It's just about figuring out what works for my body." — Sophia

We hope these beauty and style looks forgive us, because we just can't help but love them now. Who knew style and beauty items could age just like fine wine? We can now shamelessly say that we love the things we used to hate in middle school (what a twist). 

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