Olsen Twins Launch New Fashion Line

The Olsen twins are back with another successful clothing line; and this time they’ve targeted Norway as their launch pad of choice. The twins, originally of Scandinavian descent, are already proving popular in Norway with their new clothing line, which is broadly seen to reflect both of their clothing styles.  Mary-Kate and Ashley are currently in Oslo promoting their new line.

In fact, Fashionista has said that they can see both sisters wearing this line; something which is rare since Mary-Kate and Ashley are seen to have very different styles, with MK favoring what has been called "homeless chic" and Ashley having a more classic style.

This new collection has launched with retailer Bik Bok and can be seen here; though you’ll notice that lots of the collection is already sold out! The line includes everything from bags, to dresses, pants and jackets. Anyone who likes a style that takes inspiration from boho chic, is sure to love this collection. Think see-through plaid shirts, oversized jackets and printed sweaters; it’s gorgeous! The sisters have said that they took inspiration from “The Scandinavian It Girl” to create the three separate collections for Bik Bok’s Fall 2013 season.

“Ashley and I are thrilled with our Fall 2013 Bik Bok collaboration,” Mary-Kate said in a release. “We feel the collection reflects our personal style and will connect with the Scandinavian girl.”

But what about the American girl? Sadly, the collection is only available in Norway just now, but we’d love it to come over here! While the Olsen twins also have collections such as The Row and Elizabeth & James, neither of these collections bear any resemblance to the grunge-style collection that we’ve just seen launch in Bik Bok.

The first collection has an emphasis on layering, which can be seen from the great basic tees that they have created. Prices range from about $30 to $650; which isn’t too bad in comparison to their other collection “The Row” in which the girls once sold a backpack for $55,000.

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