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The Olsen Twins’ 19 Best Fashion Moments

June 13 marks our favorite twins’ 29th birthday, and while we still can’t get over the fact that Michelle Tanner is all grown up, we’re totally obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley’s adulthood career—fashion. Looking flawless all day, everyday, the girls have become our ultimate style crushes, and who can blame us? The founders of famous fashion lines, including their highly acclaimed label, The Row, the girls have pioneered some of the best styles in the industry (where would we be without boho-chic?). Basically, Mary-Kate and Ashley are our number one fashion icons, and these looks explain why.

1. Baby blues

These outfits look just as good alone as they do together. We are swooning over Mary-Kate’s baby blue blazer, and Ashley’s colorful gown is perfetto. The colors beautifully compliment the girls’ skin tones and gorgeous blonde locks, and the matching crocodile handbags bring these two looks to the next level of stunning.

2. Emerald and eyewear

We didn’t know green fur shrugs could look good. In fact, we didn’t even know they existed. But this look goes to show that the Olsen girls can wear absolutely anything and look like they’ve walked straight off the runway. Ashley’s emerald accessory is the definition of elegant (not to mention cozy) and Mary-Kate’s sparkly coat is a surefire standout. Let’s not forget that incredible eyewear!

3. Cropped

At one of the earliest debuts of The Row, Ashley rocks a preppy plaid cropped jacket in darling shades of navy and green. Mary-Kate’s own jacket is just as divine—a toasty, cropped fur piece that screams fashion-savvy.

4. Women in black 

If these matching styles don’t define strength and sophistication, we don’t know what does. A modern take on a business classic (and check out those shades, which frame their faces perfectly), both girls are absolutely glowing in their all-black ensembles.

5. Rocker chic

The Olsens are well known for perfecting spooky-chic fashion. The black gown—complete with a sheer, flowy shawl—is deeply alluring, while the velvet dress—paired with a stunning leather jacket—has a hint of grunge and fits like a glove. We wish we could pull off something so completely badass.

6. Sleek style

The girls claim a well-deserved fashion award at the 2012 CFDAs in a drapey, purple gown and sleek black ensemble. 

7. Pretty in pastel

Looking warm and lovely in winter pastels, the Olsens sport looks we could totally copy (praise hands). Ashley’s white coat is adorable, and Mary-Kate’s icey blue sweater is simple yet chic, especially paired with leather leggings. We are craving that embellished headband, and we’re convinced the girls should trademark this killer sunglasses look.

8. Beautiful babydolls

These babydolls are shockingly flattering, which goes to show that fashion rules are basically myths for the style savvy. While we adore Ashley’s summery white, Mary-Kate’s gold dress, complete with slit sleeves and black tights, brings the look fall-inspired beauty.

9. Bright and lacey

Check out that color combo! The gorgeous orange bubble dress works so well with the cobalt blue scarf, and the lacey black look is equally impressive.

10. Shimmery and sultry

Ashley is the definition of sexy in this black cut-out form-fitting dress. Mary-Kate somehow pulls off the “goddess with a bedhead” look, shimmering beautifully on the red carpet.

11. American girls

Though a major throwback, we wish we were this fashionable as kids. Just look at those adorable bandana-adorned updos. Clearly, the Olsens inspired the overall trend.

12. Whimsy wedding

Possibly our favorite two dresses of all time, the angelic floral and sheer, beaded black gowns will frequent our daydreams. The muted colors—soft lavender, teal, bubblegum and lemon—are absolutely breathtaking together.

13. Checkered and cheery

Just look at those sweet faces. Looking absolutely adorable in matching checkered tops and braided pigtails, we’re totally embarrassed by our childhood clothes in comparison. 

14. Walk of fame

Here, the girls receive their very own Hollywood star in gorgeous gowns. Mary-Kate’s lilac halter has a daringly low back that we adore, and Ashley’s white dress is a classic. The twins are also sporting some seriously stylish shoes.

15. High and low

Mary-Kate looks like the beachy goddess we all dream of being, and with that pop of pink, the look is to-die-for. Ashley aims for elegance, putting prom queens to shame.

16. Elle-gance

Featured in Elle Russia, there is nothing we don’t love about these looks. Those shoes? Stunning. The dresses? Outstanding. The Olsen twins? Perfection.

17. Gorgeous and glamorous

Mary-Kate masters a shimmery red chiffon with gorgeous emerald accents. Ashley opts for a classy black gown with strong stand-out sleeves.

18. Effortless and easy

These looks steal our hearts because of how effortless they appear. In leather and loafers and boyfriend jeans with pointed-toe heels, the girls are anything but every-day, yet still come off as easy-breezy.

19. Black and white

A classic color combination for the twins, these black and white looks are nonetheless incredible. Whether it’s the intricate jackets, patterned clutches or those show stopping red platforms, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have obviously mastered outfit-making. 

Emily Platt is a former National Contributing Writer, Beauty Editor, Career Editor, and Editorial Intern for Her Campus. She studied at Vassar College and held additional internships at Cosmopolitan.com and MarthaStewartWeddings.com. Emily loves emojis, Beach Body workouts, and her cats. She takes pride in her single mysteriously-white eyelash.
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