An Official ‘Daria’-Inspired Apparel Collection Just Dropped & My ‘90s Grunge Heart is Happy

Lazy Oaf, a London-based fashion company founded in 2001, is known for its crazy, out-there, or rather “wacky” designs in their womenswear, menswear, and accessories. Lazy Oaf’s latest collab, “Lazy Oaf x Daria,” will make you feel beyond nostalgic and bring you back those 90’s MTV days. For those of you who aren’t aware of Daria, it was an MTV cartoon show that aired from 1997-2002. Recently, MTV announced the reboot to Daria, with a twist, calling it Daria & Jodie

Lazy Oaf x Daria is the collaboration we all were dying to see happen, without even realizing it. Between the notorious crazy patterns and bold prints Lazy Oaf takes pride in and the disposition associated with the main character, Daria, it creates one hell of a 90’s throwback in today’s fashion world.

The collection is full of 11 pieces and uses grungy colors to portray the significance of the character Daria throughout the collaboration. Some pieces in the collection include logos and sayings like “I Hate Everybody” and “Sick Sad World,” which is beyond relatable to the show, making us feel as sentimental as ever. Along with the decorations to the garments, the silhouettes and types of pieces are pure throwbacks itself. This includes plaid skirts, high neck/turtlenecks, crop tops and so on. Basically, just picture the 90’s vibe and the components of 90’s fashion and combine that with grungy colors and logos, and you’ve brought the "Daria" series alive with the help of Lazy Oaf. 

Through a statement on Lazy Oaf’s site, they explained the collaboration, “her attitude of poking fun and not taking anything too seriously is carried through the whole design ethos, continually inspired by youth nostalgia, teenage rebellion and a sense of apathy towards conforming to the norm.” Thank you, Lazy Oaf, for this collection that brings us back to our young childhood years in life through a fun, unique line that we can’t wait to try out. 

It was the odd twist to street wear that we never would have thought of, but we aren’t mad about it. Check out the full Lazy Oaf x Daria collection here. You can now shop this collection and revamp your wardrobe with “Daria” sensation and our youth brought back to life.