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Every Lazy Girl Will Love This New Hair Trend

If you’re the kind of girl who dreads getting ready in the morning, then the octopus bun, the newest Instagram hair trend, is perfect for you. The octopus bun is a spinoff of the beloved classic messy bun. To nail this look, all you have to do is strategically leave some strands of hair sticking out all around the hair tie, making your hair look like an octopus’ tentacles. Make sure that the strands are all the same length and that they are surrounding the entire hair tie, not just in one place. Some people mix it up a bit by curling the strands sticking out or dying their tips in rainbow colors for that extra pop.


My last morning with this cutie. . #greenhairdontcare #octopusbun #bedhead #coolchick #bestie

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Octopus punđa – hit frizura ljeta! www.fashion.hr #hair #hairstyle #octopusbun #gotohair

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This is the perfect hairdo for a day at the beach, since it gets your hair out of the way during the hot summer months. Basically, every lazy girl needs to master this look to solve all of life’s mini catastrophes. In a rush to get ready? The octopus bun is your answer. Having a bad hair day? You guessed it: it’s time for an octopus bun.

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