5 Trends from NYFW 2020 That Are Actually Super Wearable

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Though New York Fashion Week has come to a close, the buzz could not be any louder. Collections from designers like Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera have set a standard for the upcoming trends of 2020. Fortunately for fashion lovers, this year’s fashion week had it all. From fresh florals to plaid pieces, it is clear that the minimalist palette has some competition. It will be interesting to see which style statements are most followed, so check out these predicted picks for the fashion week trends to watch.

  1. 1. Fun Florals Are the New Black 

    Florals typically make their appearance in the late spring or early summer months.  This pattern either looks sophisticated or boho, but Rodarte’s collection presents a cohesive blend of both. Rodarte’s use of floral prints is reminiscent of Allie Parker in “The Notebook”. There is a youthful element to the fabric and whether it is worn as a dress or skirt, the whimsical feel of it makes any look fashionable. Also, for those who may not want to let go of winter just yet, this print can definitely be paired with chunky boots for an edgier look. 

  2. 2. Gatsby is in Full Swing 

    By now most people have heard that this year brings us back into the roaring 20s, but Badgley Mischka’s collection proves it. Some of the most striking pieces in Mischka’s lines feature metallic midi dresses with tiered flapper style threads from head to toe. This look may seem intimidating to wear on a brunch date but you don’t have to completely ditch the fashion statement. One of the best parts of the flapper style is that it’s naturally shapeless, making it easy to blend (until given a twirl or two). So try it out as a source of style inspo for those nights when you go out on the town with friends. 


  3. 3. Tailored to the New Decade

    The tailored suit has long been valued in the fashion community. It lends itself to all gender identities to create a look of sophistication. The concept of a tailored garment is one that Marc Jacobs uses to his advantage for his collection’s presentation. Featuring well-known models and surprise appearances from artists like Miley Cyrus, he presents a collection that shows just how androgynous, masculine, or feminine a suit can be. This idea is just right for the power suit movement that is stamping out a permanent spot in modern fashion. 


  4. 4. Plaid Isn't So Bad

    Plaid is simply one of those patterns that people will love or hate. It is often confused with tartan or associated with the iconic yellow look that Cher wore in Clueless. Even so, Claudia Li manages to turn the fashion world on its head with her use of plaid. She presents the pattern in a way that seems high fashion and suggests that the everyday person can give plaid the same effect. The fashion week collection showed that plaid is not exclusive to the basic flannel because it can be designed as a high fashion garment, making it one of the most versatile patterns to wear. 

  5. 5. All White All Day

    The common misconception is that an all-black look is the best way to look powerful but what if the same effect could be achieved through an all-white look? Well, that is exactly what happened in Brandon Maxwell’s collection presentation. The look, featuring a turtleneck, trousers, coat, and beanie, was just as sleek and effortlessly cool as any darker-toned outfit. The color is so accessible and the look can easily be replicated with the same high fashion effect. Also, don’t think that this isn’t conducive to warmer months because a white skirt, peasant top, and sneakers can easily be just as impactful. 

New York Fashion Week always brings out bold looks that last a lifetime and these fashion statements are no exception. Whether you’re looking to experiment with patterns, colors, or styles, you can’t go wrong with these runway-ready trends.