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The Newest Fendi Collection is Fila-Inspired & It. Is. Everything

Fendi’s newest collection, Fendi Mania, was released this week, and it is everything. A collection of luxury streetwear inspired by Fila, it was originally teased as an idea during Milan Fashion Week this February. 


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Fendi hosted two parties Tuesday night to celebrate new collection, one at its new flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York and the other at its boutique in Beverly Hills. Guests at the New York event included the likes of Ansel Elgort, Chloë Sevigny and Winnie Harlow, who were able to explore the collection alongside replicas of “David,” Michelangelo’s most famous sculpture and arguably the hottest sculpture ever made. 

“The two iconic logos mashed up together, that’s what people do nowadays. It’s fun,” Sevigny told the Cut. She also added that she had a “strong affinity for Fila” and that Fendi “epitomized” Italian glamor. 

In Los Angeles, the event was attended by Joe Jonas, the Haim sisters and Awkwafina, who were able to browse the collection during a cocktail party.


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The full collection is currently online for both men and women, with prices ranging from $170 to $12,900. Everything from swimsuits to winter jackets are included, and all the items feature the special Fila/Fendi logo designed by artist @hey_reilly. Known for his work this year in “brandalising” the internet’s biggest brands and logos, his pop-graphic style attracted Fendi and led to the collaboration between Hey Reilly and the two brands to create a unique logo for the new collection.


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The new Fendi collection will be available at Fendi boutiques and online until the end of the year. 

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