New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015: Trina Turk

Walking past Trina Turk's Spring/Summer 2015 collection was like hopping into a time machine and heading into early 1960s Las Vegas. Everything the models were wearing I could easily see worn by Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack and their gal pals like Shirley MacLaine, but in brighter, bolder colors than maybe they ever thought possible.

Turk was inspired by a trip to the downtown Los Angeles Flower Mart, and the entire collection bursts with her take on what she saw. A 1960s Pop Art geometry and color scheme (tomato reds, hot pinks, oranges, yellows...the whole rainbow, really, but in a more candy-colored spectrum) influences jacquard dresses and jackets, bathing suits, caftans, and much more. I loved how each model was wearing a different print, but I was never overwhelmed--I just wanted to keep looking.

Favorite pieces included a hot red crepe and chiffon hostess one-piece--it had a halter top and a sheer skirt that I could easily see myself wearing to host my next soiree--as well as a sunset maxi sweater dress moving from white to black with a big bright yellow sun in the center, and a hot pink palazzo jumpsuit. Looking at all of the pieces, though, made me wish we could rewind back to June again...

What was fun about this presentation is that the models were given Trina Turk-designed iPhone covers to put on their phones so they could Instagram throughout the hour-long show. So, while you were walking around looking at the outfits Instagramming them, they were also Instagramming you!

Makeup, by Sarah Lucero for Stila Cosmetics, was just as bold as the colors and patterns in the collection, too: ladies' eyes were topped with a bright sea foam green liner, with that same tomato red on the lips. Hair, by Esther Langham for using PHYTO products and T3 tools, was sleek and long, tucked under a patterned headscarf. As Langham said, "The look is California..."

Take a look at the collection in its entirety here and below, all photos by moi!