New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014: Brandon Sun

I don't know many Norwegian fairy tales, but after seeing Brandon Sun's Fall/Winter 2014 collection, I'm certainly interested to learn about "East of the Sun and West of the Moon," which inspired his line for the season. Sun's collection, his first runway show after years of presentations, featured a variety of leathers, metallics, and Blackglama furs--while he has begun to make a name for himself for his work in fur, it should be known that his non-fur pieces are also incredibly innovative and enticing. One of the pieces that stood out was actually two dresses in one--a black silk gazar draped dress with a spaghetti strap entwined with a tweed overlay dress that had a sleeve. I also loved--perhaps "loved" is an understatement because when I saw it I audibly gasped and had to actively avoid shouting "YAAAAS!"--this deconstructed chunky sweater with a scandalous-fabulous open back, worn with grey gabardine trousers (I will admit, though, that I could have done without the mink pom-poms on the front). There was also a delightful asymmetrical gray floral jacquard dress with crystal underlay paired with a grey chunky knit coat, a high-meets-low culture combination perfectly blended for both comfort and style (which is totally my jam). In addition, I enjoyed the way Sun used Ndbele tribe inspiration to make exciting leather pieces like pencil skirts and sleeves for dresses. Take a look at the full collection on here

Makeup, by Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, featured dewy skin and matte eyes (shades of gray, brown, beige) and lips (in wine tones). Nails were a deep red-brown. Hair incorporated some of that Norwegian/Ndebele inspiration with occasional small tribal braids spread throughout sleek, straight hair. 

I left the show and thought to myself, oh! How refreshing! I have been visually challenged, I have opinions, and I have new thoughts on what fashion can be. Because isn't the worst feeling leaving a show and having nothing at all to write about? 

Take a look at some pictures from behind the scenes and during the show here, all photos by moi.