New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013: Rebecca Minkoff

Backstage at any fashion show, there are insane amounts of people running around making sure everything that needs to get done is actually finished (which it never is until the last minute because that's just how we roll). Any one of these people could be the designer, but what was interesting about the Rebecca Minkoff show is that, upon seeing the clothes, you could totally pick her out of a lineup. Like many designers, it's clear that Minkoff designs clothes that she herself would want to wear. Hair falling gently on her shoulders, she wears a sharp black blazer, top, and pants, metallic cuff bracelets, and woven black and white leather shoes of her own design. She is the epitome of her own designs: effortless, laissez-faire chic that's simultaneously present and future. 

It's interesting to note that Minkoff's Fall/Winter 2013 collection was also inspired by the future, "marrying modern, spacesuit-like construction details and a new, sophisticated grunge attitude," according to the collection notes. Slouchy, brightly (but not too brightly) patterned pants were coupled with sharp leather jackets and bright metallic accessories (like glimmering emerald heels and purses), a highly-structured top with balloon-like shoulders and slim arms was paired with black tech faille pants. Every so often an outer space-like reminder would emerge, like a dress in a blue and green nebular print, or a green houndstooth layered with bright coral red known as the "Mars houndstooth." A favorite look was a simple white "Space" t-shirt worn with navy shadow stripe pants and a black striped blazer, bringing uber-chic and simplicity together in an act of pure cleverness and cheek. 

In addition, the runway show was accompanied by live music from the excellent band Wild Cub. If you dig on what Paste magazine calls "infectious, intricate electro-pop" with lush, deep vocals and a catchy backbeat, check them out here

In the collection notes, it says that, among other things, the Rebecca Minkoff girl "wears her clothes with edge but not without elegance," and that is a truly perfect statement to match this particular collection. Part grunge, part-high fashion, Rebecca Minkoff's Fall/Winter 2013 collection is cheeky, progressive, smart, and wearable. What more could one ask for? 

Take a look behind the scenes at Rebecca Minkoff here, and check out this awesome slideshow from New York magazine for some runway pics.