This New Bra Company for Small-Chested Women Is So Empowering

Shopping for bras is never easy, but for small-chested women, the hunt for a perfect bra is endless. Although bras in smaller sizes definitely don't lack in variety of colors, materials and designs, there seems to be a problem all women with small boobs encounter: the bras never fit. Well, thanks to a an awesome new company, this problem has a solution.

Founded by lady bosses Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd, Pepper is a new line of bras specifically for smaller cup sizes. As the founders state perfectly, "after searching, buying, and returning countless bras, [they] realized there isn’t an affordable, flattering, and comfortable bra out there made just for small cup sizes. One-size-fits-all designs and marketing by mass retail stores marginalize certain body types, rather than solving specific small boob issues (hello, gaps!)." So Pepper is here to literally fill that gap with their All-You bra, which "celebrates what you got, so that you feel authentically you in a bra made just for you."

Pepper launched on Kickstarter on April 12, and surpassed its fundraising goal in just a few days! Clearly Fu and Winograd are onto something. If Pepper seems like a fit for you, you can pre-order a bra for $40 right now. Come on, you know you want to.