Nasty Gal Changed Its Name To Nasty Woman After Trump's Comments At The Third Debate

At the third presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle, Donald Trump said four words intended to hurt and offend his opponent, Hillary Clinton: "Such a nasty woman."

It's no surprise that the internet had a strong reaction to his words. Instead of taking offense or lashing out at Trump on social media, many women who support Clinton embraced the word and called themselves "nasty," too. 

Among those who claimed the nickname as their own is Nasty Gal, which changed has its name to Nasty Woman on its website. 
The brand also tweeted about the change.

And the Internet applauded.

Someone even had a suggestion for a men's line, as inspired by last night's debate.

YAS, Nasty Gal! Or should we say, Nasty Woman?