The Narciso Rodriguez Woman is Powerful & Sensual

Any runway that begins with a Missy Elliott remix is going to get my attention, especially when the designer is one known for his timeless, modern elegance like two-time CFDA award winner Narciso Rodriguez. But when I heard that thunderous, animalistic bass over the loudspeaker, I knew what he was after.

The woman who wears Narciso Rodriguez's Spring/Summer 2016 collection might adorn herself in silk crepe, linen tweed and silk chiffon, but she is not to be trifled with. She is a woman of power and powerful sensuality, a woman who knows and understands her body. She is not afraid of deviating from the norm, choosing to wear colors and shades like plum, amber, black, alabaster, blush, white and more in the warmer months where others might simply fall into step. She can take care of herself and she doesn't need anybody on her arm to look good.

And how could one not look good in wide-legged, onyx polished sateen and amber crepe arch trousers or a one-shouldered alabaster crepe jumpsuit that simply slinks along the body offering the faintest suggestion of a curve? What about a pearl silk crepe and twill bias cut dress that leaves the shoulders deliciously bare for those summer months when the less one's clothes touch the body the happier one is? Or an asymmetrical onyx polished sateen dress that exposes just enough leg? What's smart about this collection is that it brings all the things we love about fall--leather, dark colors, pants--into spring and summer in a way that allows the wearer to stay cool while looking hot. Leather translates into onyx sateen, dark colored dresses and pants become wearable in light fabrics. Rodriguez proves you don't have to be wearing a ton of patterns or ruffles or bright colors to look chic in the summertime.


The same goes for beauty backstage, where Dick Page created a softly darkened eye and contoured cheek with just a light coating of balm on the lip. Hair was lightly and individually tousled for a natural, undone look. Nails, by Deborah Lippmann, were a muted nude with a slight shimmer. The "less is more" trend for beauty is alive and well this season, as is a natural look for hair. As Rodriguez and his beauty team prove, sometimes the most stunning look is just a product of good design, no frills necessary.