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In 2020, young Muslim women are breaking down the barriers of what it means to be Muslim. Muslim beauty bloggers, in particular, are helping to break down stereotypes and redefining the faces of beauty. As if their sheer talent isn’t enough to gawk over on Instagram, several of these bloggers are also entrepreneurs and activists.

In celebration of Muslim Women’s Day, we’re putting a spotlight on our fave Muslim beauty bloggers and MUAs. From a banging smokey eye to a snatched contour, here are some ultra-talented Muslim makeup bloggers and artists that we should be supporting all day every day.

Nura Afia

This beauty blogger and Youtuber was named an ambassador for CoverGirl’s So Lashy! BlastPro Mascara campaign and became the first woman to appear wearing a hijab in one of their campaigns. Nura Afia told Refinery29, “I hope [this campaign] will show Muslim women that brands care about us as consumers and we’re important especially hijabis. [We] can be featured on TV, [we] can be featured on billboards in Times Square. [We] can be represented.” We sure hope so too.

Tamanna Roashan

Want to step up your contour game? Tamanna is your gal. Known as Dress Your Face, this beauty educator has tutorials and makeup classes on contouring, smokey eyes and more.


Amena is a beauty blogger and YouTuber with a seriously impressive portfolio. Not only is she the founder of Pearl Daisy, a Hijab company, but also a co-founder of Ardere Cosmetics. She was also featured in L’Oréal’s True Match campaign. It’s safe to say that she is killing it in the beauty scene

Habiba Da Silva

This 25-year-old beauty vlogger created a collection of hijabs for diverse skin tones and designed for both men and women! Talk about breaking down norms and increasing inclusion. Talking about her Hijab Line, she told BuzzFeed News, “I wanted to do something where everybody was [included] and I wanted to showcase different people together. I wanted to break the barrier of having too many companies who just used lighter-skin models.”

Sabina Hannan

Can someone say brow goals? Upgrade your brow game, learn how to get smoldering smokey eyes and more through Sabina’s Youtube tutorials.

Dalal AlDoub

Dalalid is a beauty and style blogger and YouTuber who has been in the game since 2012. Her aim? Empowerment. “The goal is to empower women; to provide them with confidence, and to encourage them to become their own stylists and makeup artists,” says Dalalid.

Shahd Batal

Her highlighter game is seriously strong, among other things. Shahd Batal is a beauty vlogger who discusses everything from fashion to beauty and self-love. 

Aysha Abdul

This 21-year-old Canadian beauty vlogger talks about everything beauty-related on her YouTube channel. But aside from her beauty tutorials and vlogs, Aysha also has travel vlogs and gets real about topics like body image.

Next time you’re searching for winged eyeliner hacks or new lipstick recommendations, try checking out what resources these iconic Muslim makeup influencers have. Representation and community support matters, so don’t forget to show them a little love by following and supporting their work.

Nicole Hui is an Editorial Intern for Her Campus and Campus Chapter Team Member. She is a junior Media Studies student minoring in Commerce and a Gamma Phi Beta at the University of British Columbia. When she's not searching for the next wave to surf or story to cover, she can be found travelling, exploring the great outdoors, eating popcorn, or capturing the world around her, through writing and photography. After graduation, she aspires to work for an online publication or magazine. Follow her adventures on Instagram @nicolehuui.